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Information and resources regarding AUC's fall semester in Preston, UK


Updated 1/7/2018

2017-2018 Key Dates

What are the key academic dates for AUC's September 2017 semester?
September 29: First official day of the semester
October 2: First day of lectures
October 6: AWOL date 
December 3: Celebration of Academic Excellence 
December 17: White Coat Ceremony (first semesters)
January 5: Last day of the semester 
What are the key academic dates for AUC's January 2018 semester?
January 9: All student statuses will be updated by 5pm EDT
January 9: First day that second and third semester students can move into their Sint Maarten housing
January 11-12: Move-in dates for incoming first semester students
January 13-14: Sint Maarten orientation dates
January 15: Start of the semester
January 15: White Coat Ceremony (first semesters)
January 19: AWOL date
April 27: Last day of the semester

September 2017 Semester (UK)


Curriculum and Academic Support

What is the location of the temporary campus site?
University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston, UK, which is about 33 miles northwest of Manchester. Manchester Airport is the closest international airport and the Preston Railway Station is a 10-minute walk from campus. Find more information about UCLan here.
Can I decide now to defer to the next semester?
Our offer to defer or withdraw with a guarantee of readmission has passed. If you are considering sitting out the September semester, please contact Dr. Kimberly Kirkland, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, at to discuss your situation.
Where will students in each medical sciences semester receive their lectures?
1st semester: Harrington Building
2nd semester: Foster Building 4
3rd semester: Foster Building 3
4th semester: Darwin Building
5th semester: Vernon Building
How do I find information on the course calendar?
Your individual course calendar is available on Blackboard. Please monitor Blackboard regularly for all course schedules and updates. If a course is missing or appears to be incorrectly assigned, please contact Cathy Vollmer at Off-track students with scheduling conflicts can contact Dean Yoshida at

Where can I go to speak with AUC faculty and staff?
AUC has office space in Eden Hall, which is located across from UCLan’s Security Lodge. Students can visit Eden Hall Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm to speak with a university representative and to access faculty office hours.

Student Accommodations

What are the housing accommodations/options available to students?
AUC secured ample on-campus student housing within walking distance to academic facilities. Housing is dorm-style and includes a mix of 3-8 person flats with shared common spaces (e.g., kitchen, living room). While most have private bathrooms, some halls have shared bathrooms. AUC arranged for on-campus housing to be furnished with beds (twin sized), pillow, bed linens, a duvet, and kitchen packs (plates, cups, utensils, and cutlery). There are also laundry facilities in these buildings.

What are the housing accommodations/options available to couples and families?
Couples and families are not able to stay in on-campus housing. AUC has provided families and couples with access to a local real estate team to help find suitable housing for their unique needs. For general housing questions, contact Dr. Joy Checa at

I am a solo student living in the on-campus housing. Can I switch rooms?
No. Once you are in an assigned room, you cannot make changes. If you decide to leave your on-campus housing, you will be held accountable for the lease and rent assigned to you by AUC. If you have extenuating circumstances, you will need to contact Dr. Kimberly Kirkland at to present your case and request approval.

Off-Campus Housing for Couples/Families

I have been approved for off-campus housing. What length of lease should I look for?
We recommend signing a 3-month lease with the opportunity to extend. 

My landlord wants me to pay the entire lease amount upfront and I don’t have the funds to do so. How should I handle this?
There are stringent Right to Rent checks in the UK which include a referencing process to ensure that tenants have enough income to pay the rent. If the correct visa or reference checks fail due to affordability, then landlords will require the rent for the duration of the lease as an immediate payment. It may be possible to negotiate to pay quarterly in advance in some cases.

My lease suggests that I will need a sponsor. Who should be the sponsor?
The Sponsor is also sometimes referred to as a Guarantor. This is someone who the agent/landlord would go to should the tenant fail to make rent payments. Students should list AUC as their sponsor.

My lease requires a letter from AUC confirming my student status. How can I obtain that?
Email the AUC Registrar at to receive an official letter from the university.

Is a student visa waiver sufficient to secure an apartment lease?
Provided the visa gives you the right to remain in the UK even for a time-limited period, this will be sufficient to secure a lease. Some landlords may question this and ask for a guarantor (see above).

Life at UCLan

In the event of a non-life threatening emergency, who can I contact?
AUC has setup a 24-7 emergency phone line for students in the UK. Dial 011 44 7516968818 to reach the line from a US phone OR 07516968818 to reach us from a UK phone. For non-emergency related questions, call our administrative offices at 866-372-2282.
Who should I contact with housing issues/maintenance requests? (Heat, appliances, etc.)
You can contact UCLan's security team at or dial extension 333 from your room phone. Alternatively, you can email Dr. Joy Checa at for support.
What are key addresses where my mail/packages can be delivered?
Mail is delivered to the flat letterbox on the ground floor of your on-campus housing. All mail and deliveries should be clearly marked with your name and a room number.

  • Eden Hall: 11 Victoria Street, Preston, PR1 7Qs

  • Whitendale: Harrington Street, Preston, PR1 7BG

  • Tramshed: 10 Marsh Lane, Preston, PR1 2XH

  • Foundry Court: Brook Street, Preston, PR1 7EA

  • Trinity Student Village: Great Shaw Street, Preston, PR1 2HF

  • Moor Lane Halls: 140-142 Moore Lane, Preston, PR1 1JW

  • Friargate Court: 154 Market Street W, Preston, PR1 2EU

What facilities can significant others and family members have access?
Students and significant others can access the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre (STFSC) for free. If you are a significant other, please ask the STFSC front desk for your guest badge. UCLan's academic facilities (library, lecture halls, etc.) are restricted to students only. Significant others and family members can access the Preston Harris Public Library in Market Square for public computers, public wifi, and printing and photocopying services.  


January 2018 Semester (Sint Maarten & UK)


Curriculum and Academic Support

Where will the January 2018 semester be located?
The plan is for semesters 1, 2, and 3 to be located at AUC's medical sciences campus in Sint Maarten and for semesters 4 and 5 to be located at UCLan in Preston, UK.

What are the key academic dates for AUC's January 2018 semester?
January 9: All student statuses will be updated by 5pm EDT
January 9: First day that second and third semester students can move into their Sint Maarten housing
January 11-12: Move-in dates for incoming first semester students
January 13-14: Sint Maarten orientation dates
January 15: Start of the semester
January 15: White Coat Ceremony (first semesters)
January 19: AWOL date (5pm)
April 27: Last day of the semester

When can I arrive to Sint Maarten for the January 2018 semester?
The move-in dates for incoming 1st semester students who will be living on campus is January 11-12, 2018. Returning 2nd and 3rd semester students can move into their Sint Maarten housing on January 9, 2018. 

When will I learn my semester status for January?
All student semester statuses will be updated by 5pm EDT on January 9, 2018. At that time, all September 2017 course grades will have been posted. Any students with a course failure (F) or an incomplete (I) in any course will not be promoted to the next semester. 

How and when will I be able to register for classes for the January 2018 semester?
AUC has developed a new process for registration that will allow all 2-5th semester students to register for classes remotely. On January 10, 2018 at 12pm, students will receive an email with a PDF registration form. You will be asked to download, complete, and submit that form to the Office of the Registrar ( Forms must be completed electronically; scans will not be accepted. 
Why does AUC’s plan involve splitting the medical sciences semesters, with semesters 1-3 in Sint Maarten and semesters 4-5 in Preston?
AUC’s campus is located in Sint Maarten. While we have obtained all necessary approvals to hold classes on another university’s campus on a temporary basis, the explicit expectation of both AUC and UCLan’s leadership is that we return to our own campus as soon as it is both safe and functional. Therefore, AUC and Adtalem real estate experts, in coordination with Sint Maarten officials, conducted a detailed assessment of housing in Sint Maarten and determined that sufficient housing would be available by January 2018 to accommodate the number of students anticipated to comprise semesters 1-3 in the January semester. Additionally, co-located semester 3 with the two lower semesters means there will be at least one cohort with experience living and studying in Sint Maarten, which may benefit all semesters.
If I do not want to return to Sint Maarten, is it possible to complete coursework via distance learning?
No, this is not an option. Current Department of Education (DOE) Title IV requirements for international schools regarding financial aid prohibit the use of distance education technology, unless it is used to supplement and support the instruction that is offered in the classroom located in the foreign country where the students and instructor(s) are physically present. While the U.S. DOE has approved the UCLan campus in Preston, UK as a temporary location for our entire university, once semesters 1-3 are returned to Sint Maarten, the DOE will expect that all students enrolled in those semesters be located there. Therefore, distance learning from one or the other location is not possible.

How will the curriculum and courses be organized across two locations in January?
Individual medical students will be based in either Sint Maarten or in Preston, not both. The start and end dates of the semester will be the same in both locations. The curriculum will be delivered by faculty live in person at both locations.

Will our AUC faculty be split up across the two locations?
Yes, AUC faculty will continue at the location where their courses are delivered and where their students will be located. Faculty locations will be provided as soon as the information is confirmed and finalized for the January 2018 semester. 
How will AUC provide peer-to-peer tutoring for lower semesters if the upper semesters are in the UK?
AUC understands the importance of peer-to-peer tutoring and is committed to working with student and faculty leaders to find a way for peer-to-peer tutoring to occur.

What happens if I am an off-track student with course requirements in both locations?
Please see the off-track policy distributed to students via email on December 1, 2017. If you did not receive this email, please contact Details from this email communication are provided below. This policy will apply to current third-semester students who become off-track due to failing or dropping one or more major courses during the September 2017 semester, or to any current off-track student who is not currently taking the full complement of 3rd semester courses and will take some 3rd semester courses next semester. The off-track policy presents three general scenarios for off-track students:

  • Scenario 1: Any third-semester student who fails, drops, or for any reason has not taken and passed one of these three courses (Pathology I, Physiology II, Medical Microbiology) during the current September 2017 semester, passes their other courses, and is in good academic standing, will remain in Preston for the January 2018 semester.

  • Scenario 2: Any third-semester student who fails, drops, or for any reason has not taken and passed two of these three courses (Pathology I, Physiology II, Medical Microbiology) during the current September 2017 semester, passes their other courses, and is in good academic standing, will have the option to remain in Preston or return to Sint Maarten for the January 2018 semester. These students will work with academic and student affairs leaders in December to inform their individualized planning for the January 2018 semester.

  • Scenario 3: Any third-semester student who will need to take all three of the courses (Pathology I, Physiology II, Medical Microbiology) due to any combination of drops/failures, and is in good academic standing, will return to Sint Maarten for the January 2018 semester.

As a reminder, please refer to the AUC Student Handbook (see page 26) for details on situations that will trigger automatic dismissals, as that policy will take precedence over the general scenarios outlined below. Any dismissed student who is reinstated after a successful appeal to the Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee will not be given the choice of campus as detailed above. 

Campus and Sint Maarten Recovery

What plans are in place to ensure a smooth transition back to Sint Maarten?
AUC's 30-member Return to Sint Maarten Task Force meets weekly on Tuesdays to discuss issues and questions related to the return to Sint Maarten and to develop a comprehensive relocation plan that addresses campus and community readiness and safety concerns, and promotes student success. This task force includes current students, faculty, administrators, and experts from key areas including facilities, housing, safety and security, financial aid, and public health, among others. If you have questions about the task force, please consult your class rep.

How have conditions in Sint Maarten improved since Hurricane Irma?
The AUC administration is holding regular calls with colleagues and partners in Sint Maarten to better understand recovery efforts and progress. Numerous businesses have opened and supplies are able to move through shipping ports and the airport. The island continues to restore power and cellular service to affected areas and internet connectivity is available on and around campus. The hospital and several clinics have also reopened and are seeing patients. According to Dr. Earl Best, Inspector General of Sint Maarten, the Maho Clinic, Maho Pharmacy, St. Maarten Medical Center, and St. Maarten Health Clinic have all reopened.

Regular updates are also posted on the Government of Sint Maarten’s official emergency website at

What steps is AUC taking to be mindful of safety in Sint Maarten when classes resume in January?
The safety and security of AUC’s campus, the surrounding area, and Sint Maarten as a whole is always of the highest priority for AUC, not just following Hurricane Irma but year-round. AUC has always monitored island safety and security to recognize and adapt to situations that may require heightened awareness and/or increased security presence (such as Carnival season). We are continuing to monitor the security situation very closely.
For the January return, AUC will be extending its shuttle services and increasing security off-campus and within the campus vicinity. We will have additional K-9 units and bike patrol officers watching the area day and night.
What steps is AUC taking to be aware of public health conditions in Sint Maarten?  

We have also been monitoring and seeking information about the public health situation in Sint Maarten, including consultations with Dr. Earl Best, the Inspector General of Sint Maarten. According to Dr. Best, health services in Sint Maarten were back up and operational within two weeks of Hurricane Irma. The Sint Maarten and Netherlands’ governments report that 18 clinics and 13 pharmacies are open, and mobile clinics are providing general medical care and vaccinations around the island three times a week. For a full list of available health services, visit
Both governments also report that drinking water is safe in the west part of Sint Maarten, including the area surrounding AUC. In places where water quality is not good enough to drink, the Gebe water network is supplying clean water. Additionally, two areas that were utilized as dumps for storm debris have now been cleaned. Mosquito volume, which rose in the aftermath of the hurricane, has now dissipated to baseline levels. There has been spraying on campus to minimize mosquitoes. We also expect winter winds to push mosquitoes away.

Regular updates are posted on the Government of Sint Maarten’s official emergency website at and the Government of Netherlands Hurricane Irma site at
No additional vaccines are required or recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for residents or visitors in Sint Maarten at this time. You may also refer to the US Department of State and Centers for Disease Control websites for updated advisories regarding Sint Maarten:

Should students be concerned about the changing government situation in Sint Maarten?
In early November, the Sint Maarten government dissolved the current parliament and called for new elections to be held in February. AUC has strong relationships with Sint Maarten’s government, and with both elected officials and more permanent members. We are working with officials at various levels and do not anticipate government changes to detract from our work and plans. We are continuing to monitor the government situation closely.
How is AUC engaging with local government while Sint Maarten rebuilds?
After the hurricane, the Sint Maarten government established a workgroup focused on developing a National Recovery Plan for the reconstruction and recovery of Sint Maarten, with the guiding principle of “Build Back Better.” AUC, as a key member of the Sint Maarten community, has been involved in the workgroup’s efforts. The workgroup’s interim report has been posted online for public viewing. You can view the report here.
Should students anticipate inflated costs for products and services on the island?
AUC will continue to monitor this situation closely. A number of area businesses, including Carrefour grocery store and Thrifty car rentals, have committed to honoring the discounts and special rates that were offered to AUC students before the hurricane.
Does AUC's campus need any repairs before the January semester?
While the campus did suffer damage, we are focused on making the repairs needed to be ready for the January 2018 semester. 

What lecture halls and auditoriums on campus will be open for classes and study purposes in January?
The main auditorium, Chertock Hall, and Lecture Hall 2 will all be available by the start of the January 2018 semester. There is a strong likelihood that Lecture Hall 1 will be available by mid-February. Lecture Hall 3 will likely not be available until some time later in the semester, though no exact timeline for that has been established yet.

Is internet connectivity stable on campus?
Campus wifi is functioning back at normal capacity. Students returning in January will be able to access AUC's wireless network as they've done in the past and anywhere on campus. 

Will I be able to access the internet in off-campus apartments?
Internet service near AUC is predominantly provided by TelEm Group, United Telecommunications Services (UTS), and Coral Telecom. Since Hurricane Irma, these providers have been working hard to restore normal, pre-hurricane connectivity in the areas they serve. AUC is also meeting with them to understand who serves buildings and units in our housing database. In units where internet infrastructure has not been setup, we will work on a process to facilitate setup with students and landlords. Our goal is to work with TelEm and UTS ahead of the January semester so that students can set up their internet service as quickly as possible.

Travel to Sint Maarten

Will I be responsible for booking my travel to Sint Maarten?   
Yes, as per the usual process, you will be responsible for booking and paying for your travel to Sint Maarten. Each student in Preston, UK holds a return ticket to their original departure location. You may consider these options:

  • Option A: Use that ticket provided by AUC to return to your original location and then purchase a new ticket for travel to Sint Maarten. (This is likely to be the most affordable option for most travelers.)

  • Option B: Change the destination of your return ticket to Sint Maarten. To do so, contact Direct Travel with the details of your new flight by calling 888-943-3879 (Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm CST) or emailing You will be responsible for any change fees and difference in fare.

Canadian airlines have suspended winter flights to Sint Maarten. What steps can students traveling from Canada follow?
Air Canada, Transat AT, and WestJet have all suspended winter flights to Sint Maarten. Students traveling from Canada to Sint Maarten will need to arrange a layover in the United States. Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami-based airports are all viable options as they have direct flights into Sint Maarten. When booking travel, students are advised to coordinate long layovers to cover any necessary clearance from customs.   

Sint Maarten Housing

What housing options are available in Sint Maarten?
Our Sint Maarten housing inventory includes singles, shared 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, and diverse housing options for families, couples, and pets. AUC has placed holds on blocks of rental units for our students for the January 2018 semester. As per our standard practice, on-campus housing will be reserved to accommodate incoming first-semester students. Regarding cost of rentals (the monthly rent and security deposit), just like we are doing in Preston, we will charge students exactly what we are being charged for rentals in Sint Maarten, with no up-charge. 

Will I be responsible for booking my own housing in Sint Maarten?
Because this is an unusual circumstance, AUC is working directly with landlords to secure and reserve housing units. AUC will reserve the housing units and will charge students for the housing costs, including deposits.

How will my Sint Maarten housing be assigned?
The AUC off-campus housing database opened on Thursday, December 14. Detailed instructions on how to use the database were sent to students via email on Monday, December 11. If you are having difficulty with the housing databse, please contact the database support team at or AUC's housing team at

Students planning to live with roommates in a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment should look at the database together. We encourage students to consider this scenario given the volume of multi-bedroom units in the database. Incoming first semester students traveling with a partner, family, and/or pets qualify for off-campus housing. All other incoming first semester students traveling alone will be assigned on-campus student housing. If surplus on-campus housing is available after incoming first semester studnets are assigned, the surplus housing inventory will be added to the housing inventory for students to select.

I had started a lease in an apartment before the hurricane. When I return to Sint Maarten, will I be placed back in my room? What if it was damaged?
If you indicated an interest to return to a leased apartment (pre-Irma) on our housing survey, AUC contacted your landlord to determine availability. During the week of December 4th, AUC completed separate condition assessments to determine if your apartment is habitable or not. If you have not been notified about the status of your apartment, please email the housing team at If your leased apartment is severely damaged or the apartment will not be available for occupancy in January, you can instead select housing from AUC's online database.

If I want to arrange my own housing in Sint Maarten, can I?
Yes. Students preferring to arrange their own housing were asked to notify us by November 3, 2017. If you missed this deadline, please contact Please note that AUC cannot help you if you opt out of our listed housing as we cannot assess the safety or security of any off-campus accommodations.

What is AUC doing to evaluate the condition of off-campus housing options in Sint Maarten?
AUC is following a formalized and structured process to evaluate the condition of each unit potentially occupied by AUC students. We have engaged environmental consultants to inspect each property to evaluate safety, air quality, etc. Consultants will return later in December to continue inspections on units that could not be evaluated in the first phase (e.g., occupied by Dutch military). Housing units identified by environmental consultants to be deficient will be removed from the AUC housing list until identified issues/concerns are addressed by the property owner.

What information can AUC provide regarding previous Sint Maarten security deposits and what will AUC do to help safeguard future deposits?
Research on lease terms: AUC has reviewed leases that were in effect during Hurricane Irma and consulted with Dutch legal authorities to understand the various terms and obligations outlined in those leases.

Findings: We have found that in general, most of the leases that students have signed in the past have terms that are more favorable to the landlords. For example, under Dutch law, in general, the security deposit is forfeited if the lease is broken for any reason, including lack of payment due to a natural disaster.

Return of deposits: A small number of landlords have decided to return deposits, but in general most other landlords have not done so. While we acknowledge that these landlords are operating within their rights, we do not agree with their decisions and are disappointed. However, there is a limit to how much leverage we can exercise over the landlords within the law.

Jordan Village: We understand that representatives of Jordan Village sent out information to students regarding lease terms, upsetting many of you. AUC was not involved in discussions with Jordan Village and we learned of this information after it had been sent to students.

Future master lease terms: Going forward, AUC will be instituting additional protections aimed at reducing risk for students. AUC is developing a “Master Lease” for student housing. Beginning with the January 2018 semester, the master lease will incorporate provisions designed to be more favorable to students. This master lease is an additional service AUC has decided to provide, at additional cost to AUC, to benefit students. While students are free to secure their own housing arrangements, we hope that students take advantage of this new master lease service.

Deposits for January 2018: Some of the landlords we will be renting from going forward have eliminated the deposit as a term and condition of the lease, and will be requiring only the first month’s rent to secure a rental property. For those properties that will require a deposit, AUC will split the amount of the deposit over the duration of the lease, to help mitigate upfront costs to students.

Should students anticipate higher costs for off-campus housing?
AUC will be negotiating to pay fair market value for housing units to be occuped by AUC students.

UK Housing

If I am in housing at UCLan at Tramshed, Foundry Court, Trinity, Moor Lane, Friargate, or Whitendale, but will be returning to SXM, what do I need to do to exit my lease?
Nothing. AUC will be handling arrangements with on-campus housing managers. You will not need to worry about exiting your lease and you will only be charged for the period of your stay. Before leaving Preston, students must return their apartment keys. Late returns will result in extra charges. A set of move-out instructions and guidelines will be released later in December.

How will AUC assist students in off-campus housing who will be returning to Sint Maarten prior to the expiration of their lease?
If you were approved for off-campus housing by Dr. Kimberly Kirkland, we will assist you with any lease obligations that extend past the current semester. To help with that process, students were asked to submit a copy of their lease (scan, PDF, or clear image) to Dr. Joy Checa at by Monday, December 4, 2017. AUC will not be able to offer assistance to students who do not meet that deadline.

AUC has arranged for MSI to work with students who met the above deadline. Students should begin contacting at MSI immediately to begin this process. MSI will help to exit your lease as well as utilities and other housing-related services. If they are unable to negotiate an early lease exit, we will arrange for the remainder of your 6-month lease payment to be invoiced to AUC. Students who paid their full lease term upfront can work with Dr. Kimberly Kirkland at to submit for reimbursement.

I was eligible for and assigned to on-campus housing but chose to secure off-campus housing on my own. Will AUC provide support to help me cover my lease? 
No. AUC will handle arrangements regarding your on-campus housing, but you will be responsible for managing the terms/obligations of your off-campus housing.

I will be a 4th or 5th semester student staying in Preston for the January 2018 semester. Will I stay in my current accommodations?
Students have the option to stay in their current accommodations or to request a room change into a different AUC designated residency hall. Requests must be submitted to Dr. Joy Checa at and will be processed in order of priority and when they are received. Room change requests will not be considered until January 29, 2018, after the first two weeks of the new semester. All single students are required to live in AUC housing unless approved for off-campus housing by Dean Kirkland or Dr. Checa via our housing exception form. Approval must be obtained by January 7, 2018. If you exit your housing without written permission from AUC, you will still be obligated to pay for your assigned room for the full duration of your education in the UK.

For more information on our housing policy, exception requests, billing and room change procedures, read AUC’s housing policy.

I am planning to stay in the UK while on my LOA. Can I stay in my current on-campus housing?
Housing provided by AUC is reserved for students enrolled in medical sciences courses. Current fifth-semester students remaining in Preston for their LOA will not be able to stay in their room and will be required to move out by January 10, 2018.

From our conversations with property managers, AUC believes that vacant rooms will be available at Friargate, Tramshed, and Foundry Court. If you wish to remain in these apartment complexes while on LOA, we suggest speaking with the building manager to secure a room.

I plan to have my family/children join me in Preston for the January semester? Will AUC assist me in finding off-campus housing?
Yes. If you plan to bring your immediate family to Preston, you can opt out of the AUC-provided housing. We asked students to indicate plans to opt out by emailing with your decision by November 3, 2017. If you missed this deadline, please contact to opt out of this service. We strongly recommend that you use the available time remaining before the start of the January 2018 semester to find your own housing. This will ensure that your accommodations meet your expectations and will suit the needs of your family.  

Wellness Support

What wellness support services are available in Preston, UK for the January 2018 semester?
Students remaining in the UK will continue to have access to wellness counseling at AUC’s offices in Eden Hall. To schedule a confidential appointment, email

What wellness support services will be available in Sint Maarten during the January 2018 semester?
AUC will offer comprehensive wellness and counseling services in Sint Maarten to help with the transition back to the island. Students will have access to the following counseling, wellness, and psychiatric services:

  • AUC has contracted with licensed psychologist, Dr. Danny Wedding, to provide wellness counseling services on campus from January 8 to February 8, 2018. To schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Wedding directly at
  • Jerry Ciffone, LCSW, will also be available for wellness counseling from January 29 to April 26, 2018. Students may recognize Mr. Ciffone from the wellness services he provided in Chicago immediately after AUC’s evacuation from Sint Maarten. To schedule a future appointment, contact Mr. Ciffone at
  • Students can also contact Dr. Scott Rinker, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, at for support and guidance around personal and/or emotional concerns that are negatively impacting academic performance. 


Tuition and Financial Aid

Will the tuition for the September semester be adjusted?
No, the tuition will remain the same.

Will cost of attendance be adjusted for the September semester?
No, there will be no adjustment to cost of attendance.

When will I be billed for my September 2017 semester housing charges?
Housing charges were billed on October 31, 2017 and may be viewed via the mobile portal at  
How will my financial aid be impacted by my return to Sint Maarten for the January 2018 semester?
Financial aid will not be impacted. All students will remain full-time students and receive the same Cost of Living allowances as they have during the September 2017 semester.
What if I have still not received my financial aid disbursement for the September 2017 semester?
Financial Aid disbursements for the January 2017 semester have resumed. If you have not received your loan disbursement, please contact for assistance. If you are in need of emergency funds, please contact Financial Aid to request an emergency loan application.

How can I obtain financing help to cover my travel to Sint Maarten?
Students should anticipate having to use existing funds in order to cover any moving expenses. Federal regulations stipulate that we cannot disburse loans for any student for the January 2018 semester prior to January 5th, 2018. Additionally, academic files must be reviewed for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) before loan disbursements can be processed and released. Students who receive Title IV aid and incurred losses as a result of Hurricane Irma are eligible to apply for a professional judgment increase for certain educational-related items. Please contact Financial Aid for additional information. 

How can I get more information on financial aid and student accounts, including information about federal loan disbursements?
Please contact AUC’s financial aid office at 732-509-9027 or via email at for all financial aid questions. Questions on Student Accounts questions, balance, health insurance questions, TouchNet questions should be directed to

I was impacted by Hurricane Irma and I am having trouble making payments on my federal student loan. What are my options?
If you are a borrower in repayment who was affected by a natural disaster in the area where you live or work, you may qualify for administrative forbearance of loan repayment for a period of up to 90 days upon your request to your servicer. During forbearance, payments are temporarily postponed or reduced. Your servicer will document your loan account with the reason and the length of the forbearance. Please note that interest still accrues (accumulates) during the forbearance period, but the accrued interest will not be capitalized (added to the principal loan balance) when the administrative forbearance ends.

You should contact your loan servicer to request this forbearance. Once the initial administrative forbearance period related to the disaster is over, you may request additional forbearance time for reasonable cause. Your servicer is permitted to grant additional administrative forbearance time, in 30-day increments, but your total period of forbearance cannot exceed a maximum of 12 monthly billing cycles from the date of the disaster. Once classes resume and enrollment is finalized, your enrollment will be reported to The National Student Clearinghouse so that student loans can resume an in-school deferment.  

I am owed reimbursement on an approved expense related to the hurricane. How can I submit my expense? 
To receive reimbursement, fill out this form and submit it with scanned/photocopies of all receipts to

Sint Maarten Evacuation


Luggage and Personal Belongings

What is the status of luggage that was left on campus or recovered from another building in Sint Maarten? 
Shipping and storage options: Students returning to Sint Maarten in January 2018 were given two options regarding luggage: (1) have your luggage held in Sint Maarten until your return OR (2) have your luggage shipped to a different address. Students had until Thursday, October 26 to state their preference.

Shipments to the UK: For students staying in Preston, UK for the January 2018 semester, AUC shipped your luggage to the destination stated on your luggage recovery form. The first shipping container left Sint Maarten for the UK and Germany on Sunday, November 12 and is due to arrive to the UK on December 28, 2017. Once items are released by UK customs, they will be delivered in bulk to one location at UCLan. We anticipate items to be delivered the week of January 8, 2018, however, a more definitive timeline will be provided as the container approaches the UK.

Shipments to the US: The shipping container is currently in Miami and going through US customs. Once items are released, the shipping company will arrange to have luggage and packages transported to their final destination. The shipping company will also contact students to provide an estimate date of arrival for their items once the sorting process in Miami has been completed and items can be transported regionally.

Shipments to Canada: AUC has completed the process of contacting all who originally opted to ship to Canada and we have the final list of those who still wish to have their belongings shipped to Canada. The shipping company will be in contact with each student regarding their shipment of belongings.

Additional needs: During this process, we may be reaching out to students for specific information. Students are reminded to regularly check their AUC email and respond to questions by the deadline provided. Failure to do so may delay the shipment of belongings. Please note that each country has different shipping requirements so students will receive different requests for information based on their specific shipping destination.

I am due to leave the UK before my luggage arrives. How can I recover my belongings?
AUC worked as quickly as possible to recover, pack, and ship belongings out of Sint Maarten in order to have them arrive to the UK before students' departure in January. We are disappointed that this process has been delayed and no longer aligns with our anticipated timeline. If your luggage arrives after your departure from the UK, AUC will re-process and ship your luggage to your new destination.

Will I be charged duties on items that were shipped from Sint Maarten to the UK?
No. AUC is covering all costs to ship and deliver students' belongings from Sint Maarten to the UK.

My Becker review textbook was damaged or lost during the hurricane evacuation. Will AUC make arrangements to get new books?
AUC has purchased Becker review textbooks for all 5th semester students. Books were delivered to Preston on Friday, November 3. Fifth semester students who submitted for replacements can pick them up in Eden Hall during our regular office hours: Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Passports, Visas, and Leaves to Study

I will be in Semester 4 or 5 in the UK and understand that my Leave to Study (US and Canadian citizens) or student visa (non-US/Canadian citizens) will expire after 6 months. What do I do?
US and Canadian Citizens: You will be required to leave the UK for at least 24 hours during the week in between the September and January semesters (January 6-14, 2018). This can be completed by air, train, or car. AUC will be providing your travel information to the UK Visas and Immigration Office so that border agents are ready to extend your Leave of Study upon your re-entry to the UK. In order to do that, you must submit your travel plans via this short form by December 20, 2017. Please note that your re-entry into the UK cannot be through Dublin. AUC will also be providing two new support letters (similar to the letters that were provided in September) to allow you to re-enter the UK for the remainder of your studies.

Non-US and Canadian Citizens: You will need to apply for an advanced visa extension before the expiration of your current visa (early April). AUC has worked with the UK Visas and Immigration Office to allow you to do this from within the UK, so you will not need to leave the country. We will provide legal counsel to help review your application prior to submission, however, students will be responsible for the fee associated with this extension. Unlike US and Canadian citizen students, you will not be required to leave the UK in between semesters. 

Regarding the previous question, what if I already left the UK to travel internationally? Do I still need to leave and re-enter during the week of January 6-14?
If you recently left the UK, there is a chance that the UK border agent extended your Leave to Study upon your re-entry. If that is the case, you will not need to leave and re-enter again in January.  ‚óŹ It is critical that you review the stamp on your passport to confirm whether or not your leave has been extended past April 27. Here is an example of an extended stamp

I am staying in the UK and have a significant other and/or family with me. Will they be able to stay with me? 
Significant others and family members who came to the UK did so as a visitor/tourist and can only stay in the UK for the duration permitted by the terms of the Leave to Visit they were granted, which for visitors and tourists is typically 6 months. At the expiration of the 6-month period, visitors and tourists must depart the UK. Our understanding is that they will be able to re-enter the country after a short period of time and receive a new Leave to Visit as a tourist.

AUC will not be able to provide assistance for significant others and/or family members, however, we will continue to offer guidance from our conversations with the UK Visa and Immigration office. We encourage significant others and family members to do their own research and due diligence into this matter. Please visit the UK Visas & Immigration website for more information.

I am a current 5th semester student, can I remain in the UK to study for my Step 1 LOA?
Yes, the UK Visas and Immigration Office has confirmed that you will be able to remain in the UK and prepare for your exams. You will not need to leave the UK in between semesters, however, you must exit the country by the expiration of your Leave to Study or advanced visa. AUC will not be able to facilitate extensions since you will not be taking classes.

If you are planning to remain in the UK for your LOA, email by December 18, 2017 so we can alert the UK Visas and Immigration Office.  

Since I have been studying in the UK, will I be eligible to do clinical rotations in the UK, or will I have used up my UK visa time?
Being in the UK for part of your medical sciences course of study will not prevent you from doing clinical rotations in the UK. There is no personal limit on the number of times a student visa can be issued. The only limit is the duration that a student can remain in the country on one visa. Students who elect to do clinical rotations in the UK will be required to obtain a Tier 4 visa. This type of visa is routinely handled via AUC for students on clinical rotations in the UK.

What do I do if I have received a bill for the evacuation from Sint Maarten? 
You may ignore these notices. Adtalem has paid evacuation-related expenses to the US government. Please keep the notice in case it is needed later.

Other Questions?

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