Our Learning Environment

A medical school combining advanced technology with outstanding support

AUC's Learning Environment at a Glance

The first five semesters of the AUC’s medical school curriculum take place on AUC’s modern medical school campus in St. Maarten. The campus includes two primary academic buildings that students move between easily during the course of a day’s classes.

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But a medical school learning environment is much more than buildings. The campus fosters a close-knit community where students and faculty work together both inside the classroom and in faculty offices and study areas.

Modern Medical School Campus

The AUC campus has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last few years, with investments aimed at incorporating new technology and enhanced study and learning space to complement the close faculty-student interaction.
Today the medical school campus features the following:

  • Contemporary lecture halls outfitted with audio/visual technology
  • Fully equipped anatomical dissection laboratory featuring medical imaging
  • Simulation center equipped with human patient simulators that mimic human responses to various medical procedures
  • Applied research laboratory
  • Clinical patient examination rooms
  • Extensive medical library
  • Campus-wide wireless Internet connectivity
  • High-tech student computer center

A New Era for Our Medical School

In 2014, AUC officially opened the doors on a new academic building, ushering in a new era for the institution—one where AUC's high-touch academic environment is enhanced through high-tech learning tools. The new medical education building houses an anatomy lab, clinical skills training lab, simulation center and 400-seat auditorium, as well as faculty offices and additional study and learning spaces for students. AUC faculty, staff and students provided input in the early stages of the building’s planning and design.