Our Faculty

Attentive, accessible, and knowledgeable medical school faculty

One Mission

The primary mission of the faculty at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) can be summed up in one phrase: the teaching and mentoring of medical school students. AUC attracts highly credentialed faculty from the United States, Canada, and other international medical schools because of this mission.

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As a result, our dedicated faculty are readily accessible to our students and encourage a collaborative learning environment in which faculty and students work together towards shared goals. Student participation in the learning process.

Diverse Experience Among Our Medical School Faculty

AUC's international medical school faculty have been trained in some of the world’s finest institutions and come from diverse research backgrounds in areas such as DNA research, neuropsychology, tropical parasitic disease and anti-cancer drug pharmacology. As a result, they are able to teach with authority, and by example.

Many of our faculty joined AUC after leading research initiatives at medical schools in the United States – many of them looking for the opportunity to focus more on teaching. However, many faculty continue to maintain vibrant research initiatives and publish and present their research findings at scientific conferences around the world.
Here is a sample of past experience and achievements of some of our faculty:

  • A decade of private practice in psychiatry in Manhattan

  • Former Chief Medical Officer for a regional chapter of the American Red Cross

  • Former lead epidemiologist for the Texas Department of Health

  • Developer of the only sleep medicine research laboratory in Pennsylvania

  • Founding member of the Department of Pharmacy at Qatar University

  • A 26-year career as an emergency medicine physician

  • A leading authority on the incidence of breast cancer in younger patients