Our Graduates' Residency Success

A medical school program geared towards competitiveness in the Residency Match

Success Securing A Residency Position

Preparing our students to attain a residency placement is one of AUC’s highest priorities. Each year, AUC graduates apply for—and obtain—residency positions in some of the most prestigious hospitals and training programs in the United States.

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2016 Results in the Residency Match

Hundreds of AUC graduates attained residencies in 2016. The full residency list is still being finalized, but you can view our current list here.

2015 Results in the Residency Match

2015 Match Day results from the National Resident Matching Program® showed that more than 225 AUC graduates secured residency positions at prestigious U.S. teaching hospitals—such as Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center (New York), Kern Medical Center (California), Nassau University Medical Center (New York), and Providence Hospital (Michigan).

Download AUC's full 2015 residency report here.

AUC students matched in more than 35 U.S. states and in more than 160 residency programs. AUC students landed positions in numerous competitive fields, including anesthesiology, general surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, and pathology.

Answering the Nation’s Call for Primary Care Physicians

More than two-thirds of AUC graduates who matched in 2015 will continue their training in primary care specialties, helping to address the significant unmet need in family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics.

AUC Executive Dean and Chief Academic Officer Heidi Chumley, MD, a family medicine physician herself, said, “With this new group of residents, AUC continues its tradition of preparing compassionate, dedicated physicians to serve in a diverse range of communities. As a family medicine physician, I am gratified to see many of our physicians-in-training answer the nation’s call for primary care physicians.”

Preparing Students for the Residency Process

In addition to offering academic preparation, AUC has dedicated staff whose responsibilities are to assist students who are preparing for residency by advising on the application process, providing necessary documents to residency match-related organizations, and providing specialized resources to help students learn about requirements for different specialties and residency programs.

AUC has also introduced the Physician Match Advisor Program. The purpose of this program is to provide individualized recommendations to students in order to increase their chances of successfully obtaining a desired position in the Match.

AUC students schedule an individual meeting by phone or in person with an assigned Physician Match Advisor to discuss all things Match, including: Residency Match strategy, academic performance in medical school and how it relates to specific specialties, the personal statement and CV, and the residency interview.