Prepare for Success on USMLE Step 1

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USMLE Step 1 is one of the most important exams taken by medical students—your performance on this test is a significant factor in whether you’ll be selected for a residency over another student. AUC students prepare for USMLE Step 1 during the medical sciences portion of the curriculum, taught during their first five semesters at AUC.

The capstone to the medical sciences curriculum is Introduction to Clinical Medicine VI (ICM VI). Students are required to pass this course to receive certification to sit for the USMLE Step 1 and be released from financial holds. ICM VI is taught with contributions from adjunct faculty who specialize in Becker Professional Education (Becker) review strategies geared towards optimal performance on Step 1. The information provided below is a snapshot of the course offerings.

Introduction to Clinical Medicine VI (ICM VI)

Course objectives

  • Provide a structured comprehensive review of medical sciences

  • Provide the various learning methods for building insights for solving scientific and clinical problems by organizing pieces of knowledge the students accumulated during the medical sciences curriculum into a systematic whole  

  • Prepare students for clinical medicine with sound medical sciences knowledge

The course is structured to promote improvement in learning and problem solving. It includes various subject examinations and comprehensive examinations. Individual scores on the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) exams are compared with national norms relevant to the assessment of students’ competencies. The focus of the review is on application and integration of knowledge rather than recall of isolated facts.  

It is comprised of two parts: Medical Science Live Review and NBME Assessment, and Comprehensive Basic Science and Pathophysiology Live Reviews. This provides an overview of clinical cases and correlations by Becker medical specialists. Students review the basic medical science material throughout the Becker review program. During this course, students have access to Becker review books, which provide updated, relevant material on the current USMLE Step 1 Examination. A student’s strengths and weaknesses are identified during the course using Becker diagnostic tools.


The following materials are provided as part of the ICM VI live review lectures in addition to the NBME Subject Exams. 

  • Seven volumes of USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes (Anatomy, Behavioral Science, Biochemistry, Pathology, Physiology, Immunology/Microbiology & Pharmacology)


AUC provides students with diagnostic tools, two NBME Comprehensive Examinations, various subject examinations and the Becker USMLE Computer Simulated Comprehensive Examination.