Admissions FAQ

Frequently asked questions from AUC medical school applicants

Application Process

When are the application deadlines for AUC?
AUC has rolling enrollment and admits three new classes each year, in January, May, and September. Therefore applicants may submit an application at any time. However, students aiming to enroll for a particular semester should be aware that classes do reach capacity. Speak with an admissions advisor to find out how to be prepared.

What happens after I submit my application?
After your application has been submitted, you will be assigned to an Admissions Advisor. The role of your Admissions Advisor is to assist with the maintenance of your file by letting you know what materials have been received, what materials are missing, and how to improve your file as well as how to complete your file for review.

What is the Medical Education Readiness Program?
The Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP) is a 15-week medical school preparatory program offered to students who have been granted conditional acceptance to American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. At AUC we view MERP as the first step in many medical students' journey. MERP's dual mission is to provide students from diverse backgrounds with additional academic preparation to foster their success in medical school, and to help determine the readiness of these students to meet the demands of a fast-paced and rigorous medical school curriculum like the one at AUC. AUC awards a scholarship to an outstanding MERP student.

Can I transfer credits to AUC from another medical school?
Medical courses taken at other recognized medical schools may be considered for transfer credit on an individual basis. For questions about transfer eligibility, please contact:

Fasil Malik
Senior Advisor
305-446-0600, ext 8083

Does AUC allow Advanced Standing status?
AUC neither seeks nor encourages applications from students wishing to apply for advanced standing. Only exceptional candidates will be considered. AUC does not accept applicants that have been dismissed from any medical school. Only credits earned at medical schools that are recognized by the Medical Board of California will be considered for possible advanced standing at AUC. Acceptance of transfer credit is dependent upon course comparability and is at the discretion of AUC. AUC does not grant advanced standing to students for work done in schools of Podiatry, Allied Health, or Chiropractic. Requests for advanced standing must be made at the time of initial application for admission. If credits are accepted for transfer, no less than 50% of the course credits required for the entire program of study must be completed while enrolled at AUC.

Admissions Requirements

Does AUC consider an applicant’s past experience, including work in healthcare fields?
In addition to reviewing an applicant’s undergraduate performance and MCAT score, the Admissions Committee considers many factors as relevant predictors of a good medical clinician, including intellectual and social maturity, critical judgment, adaptability, and life experience.

What role does an applicant's MCAT score play in admissions decisions?
Read what Dean Heidi Chumley has written about the use of the MCAT in medical school admissions.


Funding Your Education

Is AUC eligible to participate in the US Federal Direct Loan Program (i.e., Title IV)?
Yes, AUC has approval from the US Department of Education to participate in the Federal Direct Loan Program.

Does AUC offer scholarships?
Yes, AUC offers a variety of scholarships designed to help students fund their medical education. Please review our scholarship offerings and see if you qualify.

What kinds of financial support services are offered by AUC?
We are very conscious of the financial responsibility that a student takes on in pursuit of his or her dream to become a physician. Therefore AUC maintains a strong commitment to providing financial counseling to students prior to their matriculation and throughout their education, so that they understand the financial commitment and risks they assume when agreeing to the terms of a student loan. We also encourage students to borrow the minimum amount needed. 
AUC has staff dedicated to providing financial counseling in order to promote financial awareness, advise students on repayment and debt forgiveness options, inform students of scholarship opportunities, and encourage responsible borrowing.