Upcoming Webinars and Live Streams

One step closer to becoming a world-class physician; join an upcoming webinar or live stream.

AUC periodically hosts webinars and streaming events to give aspiring medical students the opportunity to learn about our medical program, campus life, our academic outcomes, and the admissions/application process. Join an upcoming activitiy or take advantage of our on-demand webinars.

Upcoming Activities

April 25, 2017
12-12:30pm EDT
Facebook Live: Planning for Medical School as a Career Changer 
May 3, 2017
7-8 pm EDT
Virginia: AUC Outcomes and Local Alumni  Register Now

On-Demand Webinars

Applying to Medical School
Shattering Myths about the Caribbean Medical School Experience Watch Now
Improving Your Medical School Application and Resume Watch Now
Being Financially Prepared for Medical School Watch Now
You Ask, We Answer: What You Want to Know about AUC (Q&A Webinar) Watch Now
More Questions, More Answers! Our Second Q&A Webinar Watch Now

Campus Life & Academic Programs
Families @ AUC: How Families, Spouses, and Parents are a Part of our Culture Watch Now
Life as a Medical Student…in the Caribbean. Told by 3 AUC Students Watch Now
A Day in the Life of an AUC Student Watch Now
Clinical Rotations through the Eyes of Third Year Students Watch Now
Global Health Opportunities Available to AUC Students Watch Now

Residency & Career Exploration
How do AUC Graduates Fare in the Residency Match? Watch Now
Specialty Series: Surgery Watch Now
An In-Depth Look at AUC’s Residency Results Watch Now
Understanding the Residency Match Process Watch Now
Specialty Series: Internal Medicine Watch Now

Regional Webinars
California: AUC Outcomes and Local Alumni  Watch Now
Florida: AUC Outcomes and Local Alumni Watch Now
Maryland: AUC Outcomes and Local Alumni Watch Now
Texas: AUC Outcomes and Local Alumni Watch Now
Georgia: AUC Outcomes and Local Alumni (NEW!) Watch Now
AUC for UK Applicants: What You Need to Know Watch Now