Recipients of the First Generation MD Award

The First Generation MD Scholarship is awarded to students who are striving to be first generation physicians within their immediate families.

Riliwan Adekiigbe

Riliwan Adekiigbe, a graduate of Cornell University, is a recipient of the First Generation MD Award. He has served as a volunteer medic in Nigeria and describes the experience as the most humbling, defining moment in his pursuit of a career as a physician. Mr. Adekiigbe believes this and other experiences as a first generation American born to African immigrants, gives him a unique perspective which will allow him to provide optimum care to the communities he hopes to reach as a physician.


Shawn Banafsheian

Shawn Banafsheian was awarded the First Generation MD Award and the Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarship to recognize his endeavor to be the first generation physician in his family and for the academic achievements he attained during his undergraduate years at the University of California, Los Angeles respectively. Mr. Banafsheian has shown great dedication to becoming physician by overcoming personal challenges while at the same time giving back to his community though volunteer efforts.

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