Residency Placement

Obtaining the Doctor of Medicine degree is your first step to becoming a licensed physician. Each state has its own licensing requirements, and it is students' responsibility to research the regulations that apply. The Federation of State Medical Boards lists state-specific requirements for initial medical licensure.

Almost all students seek a residency position after they receive their medical degree. Positions are filled by a computerized system that matches program and applicant preferences to obtain a fair result.

Students will determine which match to use depending on the specialty they want to enter. The process begins late in the third year of medical school and match results are released in March of the fourth year.

Download AUC's full 2017 residency report here >>
The majority of students use the U.S. National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), known as “the MATCH.” This process begins in July with the application and culminates in results on the third Thursday of March. This is often referred to as "Match Day." Almost all specialties except those affiliated with other match programs participate in this match.

Watch AUC students discover their match results during our Match Madness events.

The NRMP uses the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for participating programs. The advantage to using ERAS is that students are responsible for transmitting only their personal documents–the application and personal statement. The remaining documents–letters of recommendation, transcript, and Medical Student Performance Evaluation–are sent directly to the college’s match coordinator to update the application.

A few programs do not participate in ERAS. When this occurs, students are required to follow the program’s application instructions.The computerized match is held in March. The Monday before the third Thursday in March applicants are notified regarding whether or not they matched. On Tuesday of that week, unmatched students are notified of unfilled programs and at noon begin to “scramble” for open positions. On Wednesday, the College of Medicine is notified of the match results. That Thursday, results are released to students in a College ceremony at 12:00 noon and through the NRMP website at 1:00 p.m.

Want an even closer look at AUC's residency outcomes? Check out this recorded webinar for insight on our residency results. You'll hear from AUC alumni who recently attained residencies, learn about our admissions criteria, explore our culture and curriculum, and much more.

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