Residency Application Process

Residency Application Process


  • Complete rotations for letters of recommendation
  • Complete rotations to be included in your MSPE
  • Investigate programs
  • Register for ERAS
  • Register with NRMP, SF Match, or AUA Match
  • Prepare personal statement and CV
  • Obtain photograph and transcript
  • Begin ERAS worksheet
  • Check residency program websites for information or the AAMC FRIEDA website: NRMP website: opens mid-August to early September to complete online registration.


  • Complete rotations for letters of recommendation
  • Complete rotations to be included in your MSPE
  • Complete application(s): Check for early match deadlines; plan to complete ERAS as close to September 1 as possible


  • Finish applications and attachments
  • Acknowledge interview invitations
  • Make interviewing schedule


  • Use these months to schedule interviews
  • Take Step 2 CK and CS by December 31, if not already done


  • Get early match results
  • Input Rank-Order List for NRMP


  • Celebrate Match Day on the third Thursday of the month
  • Begin training licensure paperwork


  • Verify graduation requirements
  • Finish training licensure paperwork
  • Make relocation arrangements, if needed


  • You are a resident


The Residency Application:

  • Application form
  • Board Scores
  • Dean’s Letter and Transcript
  • Curriculum Vitae – updated
  • Personal Statement
  • Picture

Letters of Recommendation:

  • Chairman’s Letter — Contact the departmental office regarding procedure for requesting letter. Please note that in the ERAS program the Chairman’s letter counts as a letter of recommendation.
  • Other letters (2-3) as indicated on application. Usually these letters are your Clerkship Attendings.
  • Research preceptor letter (additional and useful)

Notes: ERAS permits only four letters of recommendation (including Chairman’s Letter) to be transmitted per program. It is not necessary to complete advanced medicine prior to the interview.

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