From left to right: Smit Deliwala, AMSA International Regional Director; Tiffany Strong, AUC AMSA Co-President; Shirmela Rambally, AUC AMSA Past-President; Goli Shenasan, AUC AMSA Co-President; Adeel Saqib, AUC AMSA Vice President

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) students Shirmela Rambally, Tiffany Strong, Goli Shenasan, Adeel Saqib, and Bardia Azar joined more than a thousand medical and premedical students at this year’s American Medical Student Association (AMSA) convention. Held March 31-April 3, 2016 in the nation’s capital, the convention provided a robust offering of medical education workshops, residency training discussions, networking events and poster presentations.

AUC’s five representatives, all of whom currently lead or participate in the school’s AMSA chapter, viewed the convention as a venue to learn but also teach others about AUC’s academic achievements. That included a poster presentation by Shirmela Rambally on medical students’ perception of particular illnesses once a first-hand account or story is tied to that illness. The study, which found that 79% of students’ views were changed or influenced by a first-hand account, was born out of the chapter’s semesterly integrative medicine series.
“In the midst of countless brilliant research posters, I felt mine was unique because it discussed empathetic intelligence and the impact on students’ perspective of medicine,” says Rambally. “I think the poster was well-received and I heard a significant amount of positive feedback.”

Apart from poster presentations, AUC students remarked on the numerous clinical and integrative skills workshops provided by AMSA, including suturing, airway management, emergency medical response, abortion values clarification, clinical communication, and medical ethics, and interviewing skills, among others. The convention also provided timely discussions on climate change, gun control, refugees, and abortion, and organized a rally on Capitol Hill in support of women’s access to healthcare.

“It was a great opportunity to network with program directors and medical students from other international and state-side schools,” says Rambally.

AUC’s representation at the AMSA convention comes just months after the school received AMSA’s Paul R. Wright Chapter Success Award. The award is presented annually to chapters that have promoted AMSA’s mission of inspiring future physicians through local events, innovative programming, leadership development and calls to action. Over the past year, AUC’s AMSA chapter has recruited more than 200 new members and held multiple student-led events. 

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