As a recent medical school graduate and neurology resident at George Washington University, Burton Tabaac, M.D. (’14) has much to celebrate. On July 10, 2014, Dr. Tabaac added published research author in the Journal of Advances in Medical Education and Practice to his growing list of accomplishments.

Research to Improve Patient Safety

Dr. Tabaac co-authored the article entitled “Undivided Attention Improves Postoperative Anesthesia Handover Recall” with fellow AUC alumnus Alejandro Arenas, M.D. (’14); Dr. Galina Fastovets of Broomfield Hospital, National Health Service, Chelmsford, UK; and Dr. Vinod Patil, of Queens Hospital, Romford, UK.

Dr. Tabaac explained that this research article, his third to be published, examines the possible correlation between undivided attention during handover of the surgical patient in the post-anesthesia care unit and improved recall of the information discussed during handover. “Based on the data we collected and its analysis, it is our recommendation that the practice of patient handover between nurses and anesthesiologists should be standardized to better improve the safety and quality of medical care,” said Tabaac.

Gaining Research Experience in Medical School

Dr. Tabaac’s interest in research has grown with his experience in medicine. While at AUC, he worked closely with professors in the microbiology, immunology, and pathology departments.

“I had the phenomenal opportunity to work with dedicated professors who taught me the process of writing a manuscript as well as how to navigate submitting to a peer-reviewed journal publication,” he said.

Through his research, Dr. Tabaac hopes to continue his journey of discovery, remain on the frontier of medicine, and continue to build collaborative relationships with his fellow residents.

“I am eager to explore and take advantage of the many research opportunities available through George Washington University Hospital’s Neurology Clinical Research Unit,” affirmed Dr. Tabaac.

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