Preparing AUC’s students for residency is one of our top priorities as an institution. With Match Day 2014 right around the corner, I asked Dave Jones, Director of our Office of Student and Professional Development (OSPD), a few questions about the services offered by this very important department. OSPD assists both current students and graduates with their licensing, residency, and other professional needs.  
HC: Describe the services offered by OSPD and how they impact our students’ preparedness for the annual residency match.  
DJ: We have a variety of services and resources available to both medical and clinical sciences students to help them prepare for the Match. We conduct residency workshops each semester on the Medical Sciences Campus so students can gain an understanding of the different components of the residency application process, and learn about important factors that programs consider for granting interviews. OSPD staff members also hold office hours on campus to provide one-on-one guidance.
Webinars are held for clinical students to learn about the personal statement, curriculum vitae (CV), medical student performance evaluation (MSPE) letter, letters of recommendation (LOR), and residency interview. OSPD also annually produces a Match Handbook and AUC Residency Placement Report.
The Match Handbook is an all-in-one resource that includes a residency preparation timeline, AUC deadlines, answers to frequently asked questions on components of the application process, tips for the interview, and much more. The AUC Residency Placement Report provides data on how students in the most recent class year performed in the Match and where and how they secured residencies. All of these resources can be found on the Residency Forms and Resources page of the OSPD section of the website.
HC: I’m excited about AUC’s new Physician Match Advisor Program. Tell us about it.
DJ: The goal of the Physician Match Advisor Program is to provide individualized recommendations to students in order to increase their chances of successfully obtaining a desired position in the Match. AUC students schedule a one-to-one meeting by phone or in person with an assigned Physician Match Advisor to discuss all things Match, including: Match strategy, academic performance in medical school and how it relates to specific specialties, the personal Statement and CV, and the residency interview.
HC: How were advisors selected for this program?
DJ: All Physician Match Advisors hold an MD degree and many serve as department chairs and clerkship directors at AUC-affiliated clinical sites. We even have a Physician Match Advisor who successfully matched in Canada and is available to speak to Canadian students. Physician Match Advisors were selected for their experience not only in the evaluation of students for their own residency program, but also for their knowledge about AUC and its students.
HC: What is the process for a student to be paired with an advisor?
DJ: It’s fairly straightforward and simple. Students only need to complete the online request form located on the Residency Forms and Resources page of the OSPD section of the website. Then they are assigned a Physician Match Advisor.
HC: At what point should an AUC student begin taking advantage of this program and the services offered by OSPD?
DJ: This is a wonderful opportunity for students in their fourth year to speak to physicians with years of experiences evaluating residency applications for selection into their program. Students will need to have completed their personal statement(s) and CV to submit a request, and OSPD recommends starting on these two components of the residency application in March of their fourth year.
AUC’s Office of Student and Professional Development (OSPD) assists both current students and graduates with their licensing, residency, and other professional needs. Services offered include MSPE letters, transcripts, licensure document processing, CV and Personal Statement editing services, as well as education and guidance on the residency application process. Learn more about OSPD.  

Dr. Heidi Chumley

Posted February 20, 2014 12:51 PM

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