AUC graduate Dhaval Desai (Class of 2008), now an instructor of hospital medicine, a healthcare network physician at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital and a hospitalist at Children’s Healthcare in Georgia, wanted to pursue a career in medicine for as long as he can remember. But although he completed the required pre-med coursework as an undergraduate, he never felt like he fit in with the biology or chemistry majors. Instead, he majored in economics and Spanish, finished his degree a semester early, and taught high school Spanish for about a year before applying to medical schools. He says that offshore programs appealed to him because of the faster application process and international environment.

He chose to attend AUC and graduated a decade ago. He fondly remembers his time in St. Maarten, not only for the solid educational foundation he received, but also for the collegial relationships he formed.  “The school fosters community among the students,” he says.. “You find not just the academic support you need to get through the rigorous program but also the social support that is essential when you’re away from your family and friends.”

Desai spent his third- and fourth-year clinical rotations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, New York. He found his education to be comparable to those of the other students working alongside him. The key, he says, was being proactive about making the most of his experience.

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Posted February 27, 2015 02:51 PM

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