On July 1, 2015, over 220 American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) graduates joined the ranks of first-year residents beginning training at hospitals across the Unites States.

Through the National Residency Matching Program® (NRMP), AUC graduates successfully attained residency positions in a variety of specialties such as child neurology, general surgery, pediatrics, radiology, and emergency medicine. Many will also contribute to ending the nation’s primary care shortage by dedicating themselves to fields such as internal and family medicine.

Their journey to residency— a milestone that both marks the end of medical school and the beginning of life as a practicing physician —  may seem to be the road less travelled, but it has proven to be the perfect pathway for many. Nearly 6,000 physicians across the United States, Canada, and beyond have graduated from AUC.

Residency Ready Graduates

AUC delivers a robust medical education in a unique learning environment. This provides students with the foundational knowledge they need to succeed during their clinical rotations, residencies, and beyond. Many graduates attribute this to their success and to the confidence they feel as they begin the next chapter of their medical careers.

Here's what our graduates have to say 

My overall experience at AUC was probably one of the greatest adventures I have ever embarked on. It has made me a community-minded, compassionate and knowledgeable physician ready to begin my residency training.

Kyle Bowers, MD ('15)
 University of South Florida

I learned how to effectively discuss sensitive topics, and how to communicate openly with persons from diverse backgrounds. I also learned the importance of teamwork and know this would be advantageous as I began residency. Medicine is a team sport, and I know how to be a contributing player.

Brent Balhoff, MD ('15)
Emergency Medicine
   Boonshoft School of Medicine (Wright State University)

Through AUC, I have had the privilege of participating in many international service-learning activities. These opportunities left me with valuable lessons on health and illness in international environments, government’s role in public health, the impact of non-profit foundations, the importance of teamwork, and so much more. Because of this, I’m beginning residency as a physician conscious of the impact I can make, and the honor it is to help those in need.

Mina Bozak, MD ('15)
Emory University School of Medicine

A Look Back at Match Madness


The celebration of AUC’s new residents’ success was shared by all members of the AUC community- from dean’s at Match Madness celebrations to alumni, friends, and family sending congratulatory notes across social media. 

Celebrations at a Glance 

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