Their medical school journey has led to this—March 18, 2016. Match Day.

It’s been something of a nail-biting week for some of our students. Since Monday, March 15, many already knew they’d attained a residency in National Resident Matching Service®’s Main Residency Match. They just didn’t know where. That information was under wraps until today.

So at 12:30 today, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) students, alongside their peers, headed to Match Madness celebrations in Florida, New York, and Michigan to discover where they’d be starting residency training in just a few months.

It’s fitting, in a way. At AUC, we emphasize collaboration and camaraderie among our students—so it makes sense that students would want to share the big news with their peers and advisors.

There was much celebrating. And at AUC, colleagues in St. Maarten, at the events, and across the globe are celebrating right along with every single student who attained a residency this week.

AUC grad Gary Attebury (above, left) got his first-choice anesthesiology residency at Henry Ford Hospital in the 2016 NRMP Match. He credits AUC for giving him a chance, and his wife and family for their support. "I'm really excited and super happy to be able to stay in Michigan," he said.

“Today marked a rite of passage for our students,” said Heidi Chumley, MD, AUC executive dean and chief academic officer. “All of their hard work and dedication paid off and I couldn’t be more proud of the physicians they’ve become.”

First-year residents will, under supervision, care for patients with a wide variety of conditions at their matched teaching hospitals in their selected specialties. AUC’s new batch of residents will start their training this coming July.AUC’s new residents celebrated together at Match Day events at the Center for Haitian Studies in Miami, FL; at Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, NY; and Providence Hospital in Southfield, MI. All three hospitals are AUC clinical affiliates.

Congratulations to all who matched this year. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for details on our residency attainment performance this year, student Match stories, photos, and much more.

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Posted March 18, 2016 01:00 PM

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