AUC student Tiffany Strong, scholarship recipientWe’re always excited when newspapers and media highlight our students’ accomplishments, and we were very pleased to see a nice story about Tiffany Strong—who recently earned a scholarship that fully funds her first-semester tuition at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC)—in Central Florida Future (CFF). CFF is the student-run newspaper of the University of Central Florida (UCF) and is owned by Florida Today, a major daily paper in Florida. Tiffany attended UCF for her undergraduate studies.

The CFF story focuses not just on the scholarship, but on Tiffany’s journey to AUC: how she shadowed a neurologist for Florida Hospital, her “life-changing” service work in Costa Rica, and how she ultimately went from working as an Emergency Department scribe to becoming a full-time medical school student at AUC.

Check out the full story.

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