Sommerhalder and Veatch, RUSM alumni
Clinical students Seth Blustein (above, from left), Zangeetha Perinpanathan, and Scott Lawlor recently presented a research poster at a mental health services conference in New York City.

They may not have earned their MDs yet, but that didn’t stop a group of American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) clinical students from presenting a research poster at IPS: The Mental Health Services Conference, an event provided by the American Psychiatric Association. This annual event, geared toward training and supporting mental health professionals, was held in New York City from Oct. 8 to 11.

What led to the poster presentation at IPS?

During their psychiatric core rotations at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital—a university affiliate—AUC clinical students Seth Blustein, Scott Lawler, and Zangeetha Perinpanathan participated in research into treating depression in a patient with Klinefelter syndrome, a condition affecting males that is characterized by small testes, tall stature, and infertility. Standard depression treatments, like SSRIs, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants, weren’t helping this patient’s symptoms.

What helped the symptoms?

“We tried testosterone and saw positive results,” says Seth. “We did further investigations, using several other case studies and empirical evidence to show the relationship of testosterone in treating depression.”

This research project was supervised by Sasidhar Gunturu, MD, psychiatry chief resident at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, and Ketki Shah, MD, vice chair, Bronx-Lebanon psychiatry department.

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