Transition to Clinical Medicine Updates

Announcing our 2016-2017 Clinical Education Fellows

AUC officially welcomed our2016-2017 cohort of Clinical Education Fellows during an orientation in June.


This year’s cohort will build on the work and progress of our 2015-2016 fellows who played an integral role in several AUC initiatives, including the Transition to Clinical Medicine (TCM) Program.

Clinical Education Fellows are recent AUC graduates who are responsible for facilitating virtual groups of third-year medical students during the TCM Program.  Student groups meet weekly for five weeks and then monthly during their clinical clerkships. More than 700 students have participated in TCM—a mandatory community-building program—since it was established in 2014 in response to students’ request for more connections to the school and each other during clinical sciences.

Over 14 months, fellows develop essential medical education skills, facilitation techniques, training in virtual groups and community building; and, leverage opportunities for research, conferences, and professional development. They also serve as mentors for AUC students—acquainting them to Millennium Program resources like E*Value™, i-Human Patients®, APGO uWise, BMJ Case Reports, Med-U, Access Medicine®, and Exam Master Online®. These resources allow student to electronically log their patient encounters, submit self-assessments and course evaluations, as well as complete virtual clinical cases to complement their clinical experiences.

2016-2017 Fellows 2015-2016 Fellows
Heghineh Galstian Jennifer Onochie
Victoria Bobik Marlena Fernandez
Irvin Joseph Ilunga Sendwe
Ezzat Farhat Chandan Kabadi
Michael Weingart Dean Ibrahim
Akila Gill Adarsh Shukla
Yanet Lobaina Ryan Hauser 

Interested in learning more about the Clinical Education Fellowship program? Contact Dr. Joy Checa, Project Manager, at