Colleague Spotlight: Meet Alejandro (Alex) Carrasco, JD

Alejandro Carrasco, JD, recently joined AUC as Manager of Clinical Affiliations

AUC welcomed Alejandro (Alex) Carrasco, JD to the AUC family as our Carrasco.jpgManager, Clinical Affiliations in November, 2015. In this role, Alex is taking the lead in the ongoing management of clinical contracts and the business relationships with our clinical sites.

Alex brings a unique combination of skills and experiences to this position. He is a recent graduate of Florida International University College of Law, holds a master’s degree in Mathematics and Education from Nova Southeastern University, and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Natural Sciences from Thomas Edison State College. Prior to obtaining his law degree, Alex taught higher level math courses, managed complicated technology projects, and served our country as a non-commissioned officer in the US Navy.  He is also fluent in Spanish. 

Alex is a Miami native and when asked for some fun facts about himself, he shared that despite being from southern Florida, he prefers cold weather over warm weather.  He also noted that while in the Navy, he once grilled hot dogs atop a submarine surfaced in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Pretty impressive! 

We are excited to have Alex on board to help us fulfill our mission of continuous quality improvement for AUC students.