2015 AUC Residency Placement Report

The AUC Residency Report summarizes data and results from the NRMP 2015 Main Residency Match.

The AUC Residency Report summarizes data and results from the NRMP 2015 Main Residency Match. According to the NRMP, this year’s MATCH was the largest in NRMP history in terms of positions offered (30,212) and filled (28,906). The number of registrants (41,334) also was an all-time high, with 635 more applicants submitting rank order lists of programs when compared to 2014.
AUC graduates go through the same process of applying for residency as US medical school students—through the NRMP, via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®). AUC’s Office of Student Professional Development assists students in preparing all documentation and processes required to participate in the MATCH.
AUC graduates, the vast majority of whom are citizens and permanent residents of the United States, are officially international medical graduates (IMGs). There were over 5,000 active US citizen IMGs in the 2015 MATCH.
Residency results are important in drawing conclusions about a medical school’s overall quality, the career interests of its graduates, and the medical school’s overall contribution to the US physician workforce. 2015 residency highlights for AUC are as follows:
  • More than 220 AUC graduates secured a PGY-1 or PGY-2 residency position in 2015.
  • As usual, AUC graduates were distributed all across the US, with residency attainments in 38 states. The top US states for AUC graduate residency attainments were New York (54 positions), Michigan (21), California (12), Florida (12), Pennsylvania (11), Georgia (10), and New Jersey (10)
AUC graduates secured PGY-1 (post-graduate year one) positions in 17 program types, covering 13 specialties. The top program areas for AUC graduates were internal medicine (76 positions), family medicine (62), pediatrics (14), and psychiatry (13).
  • AUC achieved a first-attempt residency attainment rate of 84.3%, far exceeding the rate of 53% for all US citizen IMGs in the MATCH, and topping the rate of osteopathic medical school graduates (79%). Notably, unlike AUC’s attainment rate, the collective US IMG rate and osteopathic graduate rate both account for multiple residency attainment attempts.
  • For the past three years, both the number of AUC graduates earning residencies and the overall first-time residency attainment rate have increased. The 2015 rate of 84.3% is an increase of a full percentage point over 2014’s rate of 83.3% and nearly two percentage points from 2013’s rate of 82.7%.
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