Miami Herald: Doctors at particular risk of burnout

Dean Chumley discusses work/life balance and physician burnout in the Miami Herald

In a Miami Herald article, Dean Chumley discusses the importance of work/life balance. See an excerpt below:
Julie Taylor
Heidi Chumley, MD, Executive Dean and Chief Academic Officer, AUC

"Chumley, who practiced family medicine before becoming an academic leader, experienced firsthand the stress that leads to burnout: “Being a physician is emotionally and physically tiring.” Females, who now make up half of all medical students, particularly are at risk, she says: “Women may tend to neglect themselves as they give to their patients, their partners, and their families.”

Chumley, whose children range in age from 8 to 23, has found it helpful to have mentors who are satisfied with their career choice and offer support.

To prepare future doctors, she introduced a course in understanding the field’s demands. She also advises students: “Choose a program or practice where the majority of people seem happy — if the majority are happy, it is likely not by chance, but through purposeful attention to creating a supportive environment."
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