AUC Grad Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

August 19, 2010

John Lusins III, MD (‘06) has received an American Psychological Association (APA) Psychiatric Leadership Fellowship.

The fellowship is a two-year award which offers psychiatric residents, with exceptional leadership potential, many different experiences that prepare them for leadership roles.

Those selected participate in a component of the APA governance structure, attend the APA Annual and Fall Component Meetings, present a workshop at the Annual Meeting, receive leadership training, visit innovative psychiatry programs and are assigned to a prominent psychiatrist for individual mentoring.

Dr. Lusins’ passion for psychiatry blossomed during his winter breaks in college when he shadowed physicians at hospitals in his native Oneonta, NY.

“My two weeks on the psych ward changed my life. The interplay between biology, genetics, psychology, and pharmacology has fascinated me since,” Lusins said.

But he admits that he considered other specialties.

“During my medical school years other areas pulled my interest away for a short period of time,’’ said Lusins. “ But the daily interaction with the personal lives and difficulties of psychiatric patients always pulled me back.”

While at AUC, Dr. Lusin was actively involved with the school community. He served as the Judge Advocate of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, was a recipient of the Dr. Susan Atchley Community Service Award and was Class Speaker at his graduation.

He is halfway through a four-year psychiatry residency at West Virginia University where he serves on several committees, ranging from Graduate Education to Ethics and is a current board member of the AUC Alumni Association.

As an APA fellow, he will travel to APA headquarters in Washington D.C., and attend meetings. He will serve on the Council for Advocacy and Government Relations and is looking forward to the experience.

“To be recognized for excellence in the presence of so many talented colleagues and applicants is truly something I could only dream of,’’ said Lusins.

Added Lusins: “The award adds further focus on how I can impact psychiatry and the field of medicine as a whole.’’
“I plan to have a career in academic medicine and an award such as this provides not only education in the field of leadership, policy creation, and legislation, but also affords extensive networking with like-minded colleagues.”