Physicians-in-Training Earn Scholarships for Community Engagement, Social Accountability

December 16, 2014

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) has awarded scholarship awards to four physicians-in-training in recognition of their contributions to AUC’s medical sciences campus and the surrounding community in St. Maarten.

We take great pride in creating a learning environment that drives student engagement and social accountability. AUC is both a citizen institution and community steward in St. Maarten, serving as a strong advocate for the country’s health and well-being,” said Ronald Testa, Ph.D, medical sciences dean. “Our award recipients embody the AUC spirit and their demonstrated commitment to service is truly inspiring.”

The Student Engagement Award recognizes students whose activities help to sustain and enhance collaboration, open-mindedness, and a shared sense of the medical student journey. It was presented to Howard Brent and Andrew Iskandar.

"Andrew has always presented himself as a physician-in-training who understands his success is clearly linked to the success of the whole student body and the university,” said Susan DeMesquita, professor and acting chair, department of neuroscience and physiology. Embracing collaborative success was also exemplified by Mr. Brent. “Howard gives to others by sharing his knowledge to promote the success of this fellow physicians-in-training,” said Theresa Boy, M.D., associate professor of pathology.

The Social Accountability Award was presented to Allison Kruger and Patricia Kindsvater, who have both shown leadership and commitment in working with community organizations in St. Maarten.

Ms. Kruger’s unwavering commitment to improving academic performance of student athletes at the United Volleyball Club (UVC) was noticed by the program’s founder and coordinator, Dr. Rhoda Arrindell. Dr. Arrindell is also the former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs of St. Maarten.

Allison’s participation in UVC’s symposium on sports and education together with her collaboration with other presenters has helped our student athletes become more conscious of their health and take greater responsibilities for their lives,” said Dr. Arrindell. “She is also actively involved in the community through research and analysis of data for the Ministry of Public Health,” she said.

Ms. Kindsvater is focused on becoming physician with a lifelong commitment to public health and community service. “I plan to continue to work with the community as much as possible because it reminds me of my primary role as a future physician, which is to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me,” she said.

The Student Engagement Award and the Social Accountability Award each provide a one-time award of $5,000 to be applied towards tuition.