Clinical Health Insurance Waiver Request

Waiver Criteria

Students who meet the following criteria have the option to waive the school sponsored health insurance plan:

  • Currently enrolled as a clinical student, or are transitioning to clinical sciences (on leave studying for Step) 
  • Have other health insurance coverage comparable to the Aetna Plan for the entire coverage period(s).

It is important to note waiver requests are subject to verification and approval by Aetna and billing charges will not be reversed until requests hasve been approved and processed by Aetna. If a student's private health insurance coverage ends or lapses within a coverage period, they are responsible for immediately obtaining comparable health insurance coverage or reinstating the school sponsored health insurance plan.

  • View Aetna Health Plan and coverage periods here. (Select "Adtalem Global Health to locate AUC.)
  • Access the Clinical Health Insurance Waiver form here

For more information regarding AUC's policy regarding health insurance, waiver deadlines, and reinstatement of insurance, please refer to the AUC Student Handbook.

Note: If you are studying in the UK for 6 months or more, and have a UK Residency Card, click here for the UK Waiver Request Form.