MSPE Letter Request

If you have already requested an MSPE letter for the Match, please use the MSPE Update Form

MSPE Letters can take up to four weeks for processing from June 1 – Oct. 31 Requests will be processed in the order they are received. Due to the high volume of requests OSPD is unable to hold letters for future rotations to be completed.

Please be aware that the MSPE is not a letter of recommendation. The letter serves to highlight your academic achievements and community service work, on campus or off, that is relevant to your medical education and were completed during your medical education.

Students/graduates will receive an email copy of their MSPE letter for review prior to proof for factual correctness prior to uploading to ERAS.
Important: It’s imperative that students and graduates verify all documents were received by ECFMG. Receipt of documents can be tracked in the ERAS Support Services Document Tracking System, which can be accessed via ECFMG’s OASIS.

Student Information


Will you be applying for the Canadian Resident Matching Program (CaRMS) this year?:

Noteworthy Characteristics

The AAMC has issued new recommendations for the MSPE Letter. AUC School of Medicine will begin aligning its MSPE Letter with these recommendations by implementing the “Noteworthy Characteristics” section for the 2018 Match. This section is intended to help a residency program selection committee review applicants holistically to achieve a residency class that brings a diverse set of background experiences, characteristics and perspectives. 

Each characteristic should be described in 2 sentences or less and in third person. Information about any significant challenges or hardships encountered by the student during medical school may be included. Please see OSPD’s Noteworthy Characteristics Tips for more information. 



Summary Statement Adjective and Criteria

Each student will be assigned an “Summary Adjective” based on AUC’s Summary Statement Adjective Criteria, which can be found on Appendix 3 of the MSPE Letter Sample. Examples of service activities include community action day, teaching assistants, student organizations and associated events, Student Government Association, specialty interest groups, resident/orientation advisors and community health screenings. Please complete the following questions regarding service activities.

How many service activities did you participate in while in medical school?

Students who have completed at least one service activity must list them below. Students who have more than two service activities should only list the ones with leadership positions. Examples of leadership positions include executive board leadership in AUC student organizations, teaching assistant, peer-to-peer tutor, organizing volunteers for community service activities, editing a research publication/presentation.  

Did you hold a leadership position?:

If yes, please describe the leadership position:

Did you hold a leadership position?:

If yes, please describe the leadership position:

Leaves of Absence (LOA)

Students have the opportunity to provide additional details about the reasons for taking LOAs. Were you diagnosed with an illness and required treatment? Did someone close to you pass away? Complete the questions below if you would like to provide details around your LOA.

Did you take an LOA other than the required LOA taken to study for USMLE Step 1 after Basic Medical Sciences?

If yes, please complete the fields below.

Type of LOA:

Type of LOA:

Type of LOA:

MSPE Letter Recipients

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