Order and Access Your Transcripts


AUC has partnered with Scrip-Safe International to provide 24-hour access to transcript ordering (for both paper and electronic transcripts) through a secure website. With this change comes the ability to send electronic transcripts. In addition, order updates will be emailed to you and you will be able to check your order status and order history online. Transcript requests will be processed within one business day and sent to the receiver within minutes, rather than days, of processing. Please allow additional time for mailing if requesting a paper copy.

AUC charges $5.00 for each transcript release and there is an online convenience fee of $3.00 for each receiver of your transcript (regardless of the number of copies being sent). During the online ordering process, a major credit card will be required to pay these fees. In addition, other fees may apply if you choose to have your transcript sent via postal service rather than electronically. To order, click here.

Ordering Process

  • During the online ordering process, you will be instructed to identify the recipient of your transcript.
  • AUC recommends electronic delivery of your transcript. Transcripts will be delivered as PDF documents through a secure web application.
  • You will be notified via email when the transcript is sent and also when it is received.

Delivery Methods

  • Electronic delivery is the preferred method and is possible to a network of over 1,800 receivers or to any individual if you provide us with an email address.
  • Before sending an electronic transcript to an individual, please verify that the individual is willing to access this secure PDF transcript. To ensure proper notification, request the individual to add to their safe sender email list.
If your transcript cannot be delivered electronically, it will be sent by U.S. first class mail. 

Transcripts on-Demand Contact Information

Please note: Transcript requests to be uploaded to ECFMG/Match are free of charge and should be requested using the Transcript Request link under the Student Services tab. Unofficial transcripts are available at no charge through the MyAUC Portal. Official transcripts will not be sent if there are oustanding financial obligations association with your student account.