2020 Conference

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The 2nd Annual CCDM International Conference on Disaster Medicine will gather professionals and experts from around the world to share insights and expertise on preparing for and managing disasters, building disaster management capacity, and educating and training in the health professions. We are once again excited to collaborate on this event with Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and our regional partners in Sint Maarten and the Caribbean.

Reasons to Attend

Our inaugural conference held in March 2019 drew over 280 delegates representing 12 countries, including nine Caribbean islands. Please join us in March 2020 and take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Network with other professionals in the field and across multiple disciplines and areas of interest.
  • Learn about new research, tools, and approaches being deployed to address the needs of individuals, communities, and societies affected by disaster.
  • Present your own perspectives and learnings through a presentation, workshop, or poster.
  • Explore opportunities to partner with peer organizations and individuals on mutually critical areas of need.
  • Earn continuing professional education credits.
  • Enjoy a beautiful, culturally vibrant, and family-friendly Caribbean destination.

Conference Organizer

This event is organized by the Caribbean Center for Disaster Medicine (CCDM) of American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. The CCDM is a center of excellence created to foster collaboration among professionals responsible for healthcare delivery, disaster preparedness, emergency response, and medical education. CCDM is part of American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) and is operated in cooperation with Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Subject Matter Focus

The 2020 Annual Conference will invite perspectives from all dimensions of disaster medicine, with focused tracks on Mass Casualty Events and Infectious Disease. The event will feature presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions from experts in the fields of medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, public health, emergency medical services, disaster response, and more.

Call for Presenters

Full instructions regarding our Call for Presentations will be available shortly. We will be inviting submissions for presentations, workshops, and posters.

Continuing Education

We will once again offer Continuing Medical Education credit, pending application and approval.

Location and Venue

The conference will be held on the campus of American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Sint Maarten.

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