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From Engineer to Endocrinologist

How a hospital experience inspired Mike Lemay, MD '00 to change careers and discover his true calling as a physician specializing in endocrinology

Steven Brooks headshot
From the NFL to Hollywood to Medicine

Before his acceptance to AUC, Steven Brooks, MD '05 was a professional football player with several NFL teams including: The L.A. /St. Louis Rams, the San Francisco 49ers, the New Orleans Saints, the Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins.

How this Scholarship Recipient Was Inspired to Enter a Career in Caring

Growing up, Meredith Harrison would do extra chores to help sponsor a child through World Vision, a nonprofit that fights poverty and injustice. In her spare time, she fostered rabbits for the Michigan Rabbit Rescue, taking them in after their original owners weren’t able to care for them.

Caitlyn Gottwald
Scholarship Awardee's Passion for Patient Care Shines Through

After deciding to take a gap year between undergraduate and medical school, Caitlyn Gottwald was anxious that it might hinder her goal to become a physician. But she used that year to help strengthen her application through work experience, and in doing so, made an invaluable connection.

AUC Grad on 2016 Match Success, Caribbean Schools, and Helping Others

While he was in junior high, Matthew Lew went on a medical mission trip to Tijuana with his dad (a Los Angeles family medicine physician), his family, and some of his father’s colleagues. The goal: provide quality medical care to the area’s underserved populations.

Nicole Czapp
3 Tips to Succeed in Your Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations are an important part of medical education. During the third and fourth years of medical school, students travel to teaching hospitals and health systems to train with physicians, learn about various medical specialties, and refine their clinical skills. Here are some tips for clinical rotations that often help students narrow in on a specialty of choice and can play a significant role in obtaining residency.