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PA vs. MD | The Difference Between a PA & MD

Are you weighing your options between MD vs. PA school? Learn the differences between a physician assistant and a doctor, and choose the medical career that is right for you.
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What's the Difference Between MD and DO?

MD vs DO, What's the difference? - Learn the key differences between MD and DO medical school programs, residency, salary and more! Choose the career path that is best for you.
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“Remember Your ‘Why’”: Ebenezer Rosiji Shares Study Tips for Medical Students

Fifth-semester AUC School of Medicine student Ebenezer Rosiji was recently honored with the Tarek Abi-Saab Peer Tutor Award for his dedication towards tutoring his peers in medical sciences courses. Aruna Ullal, Academic Support Counselor, caught up with Ebenezer to learn more about his own study habits and passion for teaching others.