AUC Core Values & Principles

If our values represent you and the type of doctor you want to be, then we could be your match.

For 40 years, AUC faculty and administration have embraced teaching philosophies designed to train physicians who understand the value of teamwork, embrace the concept of lifelong learning, and understand that a doctor can impact entire communities just as much as individual patients. 

The three core values of our Doctor of Medicine program are Academic Excellence, Social Accountability, and Student Engagement. Read more below about how we weave these three principles into AUC's academic experience.

Academic Excellence

Explore AUC's 2019 Residency Report for a deep look at some of our recent career outcomes, and to learn about what AUC does to prepare students to attain residency placements. Download a PDF version of AUC's 2019 Residency Report here

Social Accountability

Check out our community outreach booklet and discover some of the myriad ways AUC students are encouraged to participate in service-learning and volunteer projects during their medical education. Download a PDF version of AUC's community outreach booklet here or review the online version below.

Student Engagement

Dive into our student organizations brochure and learn about more than 20 campus groups and student organizations you can join at AUC. Download a PDF version of AUC's student organization brochure here or flip through the online version below.