Basic Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Your Home

In advance of a tropical storm or hurricane, you will need to prepare yourself and your home for potential impact. This checklist will help you take the steps necessary to secure your home and gather the supplies necessary to stay safe.


Download a printable version of this checklist

  • Know where your nearest shelter is and the safest route to get there. Remember that the AUC campus (Building 2) will serve as a shelter for all campus community members. AUC will run a security shuttle (1-721-588-4018 or 721-545-0619) ahead of a storm should you need transportation. Monitor your AUC email account for instructions. You should be in place at your shelter at least 6 hours before an approaching storm.
  • Inform your friends and family of your plans. If you are not sheltering at AUC, email with the address where you will be staying during the storm.
  • Update you emergency contact information in AUC’s emergency alert system: SIREN. Your contact information is housed under your account settings in the AUC Student Portal.
  • Put together your Hurricane Preparedness Kit, which includes a flashlight, batteries, cash, first-aid supplies, medications, and copies of your critical information.
  • Place your important documents (passport, visa, insurance cards, immunization records, credit cards) in a Ziploc bag or air/water tight container.
  • Purchase and store non-perishable food items that can sustain you for five (5) days. Make sure that you have a manual, non-electric can opener for any canned goods.
  • Purchase and store bottled water that can sustain you for five (5) days (1 gallon per person per day).
  • Move any outdoor items (grills, furniture, potted plants, garbage bins) inside and towards the middle of your home.
  • Secure your windows. If you have hurricane shutters, close and lock them. If you do not have hurricane shuttles, board your windows with a plank of plywood.
  • Identify a safe spot within your home where you can stay during the storm. This spot should be away from doors and windows (e.g., hallway, closet, or bathroom).
  • Fill any vehicles with gas.
  • Charge your phone and other necessary electronics.
  • Turn on your television or radio (107.9 FM or 1300 AM) and continue to monitor your AUC email and the AUC website for the latest weather updates and campus-related information.