2018 Marks 10th Anniversary of Community Action Day

The initiative, which connects hundreds of students, colleagues, and extended family members to volunteer opportunities throughout Sint Maarten, regularly results in more than 600 hours of community service a semester.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Community Action Day (CAD) at AUC. CAD has become an increasingly meaningful tradition for students in their first two years of medical school. In addition to working with island communities and organizations, students are able to support and advance social issues of personal importance, including litter removal, afterschool tutoring and mentoring, public health education, eldercare, and animal welfare.

The 10th anniversary of CAD is particularly significant as part of the student body returns to Sint Maarten following Hurricane Irma. We are planning several activities to help our CAD partners rebuild and initiate new community programs, while also growing a satellite CAD program for 4th and 5th semester students in the UK. CAD has been tentatively scheduled for February 24 in Sint Maarten and March 3 in Preston.