AUC Leaders Present Topics in Medical Education at AMEE Conference

The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) is a worldwide organization promoting international excellence in education in the medical and healthcare professions.

This week, several AUC administrative leaders, faculty, and students led presentations on different topics in medical education at the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Annual Conference, taking place in Basel, Switzerland. The conference brings together more than 3,200 medical and healthcare education professionals to take part in workshops and courses, discuss innovative concepts in the field and network with others. 

AUC colleagues had 10 posters and presentations accepted to the conference, with topics ranging from learning strategies and curriculum development to clinical training in a global setting and continuing academic programs during a time of crisis. In addition, Dr. Mark Quirk, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, served as a guest editor for a special issue of AMEE’s academic journal, Medical Teacher. The issue focused on adaptive learning and included articles by three members of our faculty as well as two AUC students, Aaron Brown and Emeka Ajufo. 

Posters and presentations led by AUC faculty, staff and students are listed below:

1. Orienting Medical Students to Clinical Medicine in a Different Country 
By Dr. Stephen Ash, UK Associate Clinical Dean; Dr. Sohaib Bukhari; Dr. Robert Hecht, US Associate Clinical Dean; Dr. Ian Scobie, UK Assistant Clinical Dean; Dr. Joy Checa, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs; and Dr. Kimberly Kirkland, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Monday, August 27

2. Learners as Educators: Education through Community Research 
By Dr. Naira Chobanyan, Professor of Clinical Medicine; Dr. Dhara Patel, Past Clinical Medicine Teaching and Research Fellow; and Dr. Virginia Asin, Director of Surveillance Disease Prevention and Control at the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)
Monday, August 27

3. Novel Learning Strategies for Students in the Basic Sciences 
By Aaron Brown, Clinical Student; Emeka Ajufo, Clinical Student; Dr. Cecil Cone, Professor and Department Chair of Pathology; and Dr. Mark Quirk, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Tuesday, August 28

4. Relational Learning and a Novel Learning Engagement System Leads to Better Outcomes 
By Dr. R. Lance Miller; Dr. Ryan Palmer; and Dr. Mark Quirk
Tuesday, August 28

5. Creating a 4-Year Learning Management System for a Geographically Dispersed International Medical School 
By Dr. Joy Checa; Dr. Robert Hecht; Dr. Stephen Ash; Dr. Ian Scobie; Dr. Kimberly Kirkland; and Dr. Julie Taylor, Chief Academic Officer and Senior Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs
Tuesday, August 28

6. Does a Clinical Skills Assessment Practice Session Improve Low Achieving Students’ Performance on the USA Medical Examination (USMLE) Step 2 CS Examination? 
By Dr. Kimberly Kirkland; Dr. Joy Checa; Dr. Robert Hecht; Dr. Stephen Ash; William Behrns, Data Analytics Manager; and Dr. Julie Taylor
Tuesday, August 28

7. First Steps in Developing an Adaptive Curriculum 
By Dr. Ryan Palmer; William Behrns; and Dr. Mark Quirk
Wednesday, August 29

8. The Role of Student Moderators in an Adaptive Curriculum: Lecture Capture Review 
By Dr. Phillip Pearson, Associate Professor of Anatomy; and Dr. Mark Quirk
Wednesday, August 29

9. There and Back Again: A Tale of a Hurricane and Heroes
By Dr. Heidi Chumley, Executive Dean
Wednesday, August 29

10. Impacts of Hurricane Irma and Displacement on the Performance of Medical Students.  
By Dr. Colin Michie, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Dr. Scott Rinker, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs; Dr. Kimberly Kirkland; Dr. Dominic Dabrowski, Clinical Medicine Teaching and Research Fellow; William Behrns; and Dr. Julie Taylor