Dr. Naira Chobanyan Sworn in by Sint Maarten Government

Recognition as a Clinical Oncologist will allow Dr. Chobanyan to clinically screen women and continue her work to increase local access to healthcare

Pictured: Acting Governor of Sint Maarten, Mr. Reynold Amando Groeneveldt (left) and Dr. Naira Chobanyan, Professor of Clinical Medicine at AUC (right).

AUC congratulates Dr. Naira Chobanyan, Professor of Clinical Medicine, on her recent swearing-in as a clinical oncologist by the government of Sint Maarten. The ceremony was held on Monday, March 25 at the Governor’s Cabinet Office in Philipsburg.

Dr. Chobanyan earned her medical degree in Armenia more than 25 years ago and practiced surgical oncology, medical oncology, and diagnostic and internal medicine in Europe. After arriving to Sint Maarten in 2013, she quickly got involved in efforts to advance healthcare for women at risk for breast cancer and other breast-related health issues. Now, with her credentials officially recognized by Sint Maarten, she will be able to clinically screen women and continue her work to increase local access to healthcare.

“Throughout most of my career as a surgical oncologist, I have always self-initiated projects and sought out ways to contribute to the local communities that I was a part of,” said Dr. Chobanyan. “This recognition is both personally gratifying and facilitates my career aspirations. It provides me with an opportunity to go above and beyond the academic boundaries and to continue in a collaborative partnership with Sint Maarten’s medical professionals—all while serving the people and contributing to research and medical services.”

In 2016, Dr. Chobanyan and Dr. Golden Jackson, Assistant Dean for Community Engagement, developed a breast health education program that included plans for a large-scale breast abnormalities study. In June 2017, Dr. Chobanyan held the first in a series of free community breast screenings for women ages 18 and older. Findings from those screenings will be used to help establish local policies and protocols for the screening of breast abnormalities, including cancer.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Chobanyan has become a regular fixture in the community. She regularly supports the Sint Maarten Positive Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to breast health, and serves as a member of AUC’s Platform Committee—a partnership with the Sint Maarten Ministry of Public Health, Social Development, and Labor and more than 30 local organizations to address the priority health needs of Sint Maarten people.

Dr. Chobanyan was accompanied by Hazarie Ramoutar, Senior AUC Campus Administrator, at Monday’s ceremony.