International Medical Schools Helping to Solve Arizona Physician Shortage

With significant primary care shortages facing the state of Arizona, AUC executive dean Dr. Heidi Chumley looks to international medical schools as a solution.

Arizona ranks 42nd among US states concerning the active number of health care professionals per 100,000 people. It is estimated that almost 70 percent of Arizonans live in areas that have a shortage of health care professionals.

In a recent interview with Phoenix talk radio station KTAR-FM, Dr. Heidi Chumley, executive dean at AUC, discussed the ongoing physician shortage in Arizona, with rural communities and primary care facilities seeing the most need.

International medical schools like AUC are aiming to play a major role in contributing to the state and national physician workforce. Today, one in four practicing physicians in the US was trained internationally, with roughly 25 percent of Arizona’s physicians being international medical graduates. 

Listen to her interview: