JEMS Features Dr. Bill Hayden and AUC Student Jonathan Barney in New Monthly Video Column

New monthly video series will help first responders use ECGs to make healthcare decisions

Visit the May online issue of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) and you’ll quickly come across a case-based video by AUC Professor of Clinical Medicine, Dr. Bill Hayden, and fourth-year student, Jonathan Barney. The 5-minute video, ECG Consult: 63yo Female, Onset of Weakness while Cleaning, is part of a new educational series that Dr. Hayden and Jonathan will produce for JEMS readers on a monthly basis.

The video series, like much of Dr. Hayden and Jonathan’s work, is designed to help first responders use ECGs when making healthcare decisions. In each video, they lead viewers through a patient scenario and ECG workup, ultimately arriving at possible diagnoses and treatment options.

The series is the latest in a growing list of accomplishments for Dr. Hayden and Jonathan. Earlier this year, they authored a paper in JEMS on the impact of first responder ECG training to patient health. With increased education and training linked to improved outcomes, they quickly got to work on a guidebook for emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and other first responders. ECG for First Responders was published in January and is currently available on Amazon.

Now, as time allows, the two are working on a sequel guide that will focus on more advanced ECG interpretation.