Six Colleagues Celebrate 20 Years of Service to AUC

During AUC’s 40th Anniversary Reception in Sint Maarten, Executive Dean Dr. Heidi Chumley honored six colleagues with a Service Appreciation Award for their 20 or more years of employment with the university

Nearly 400 students, staff, and faculty came out to celebrate AUC’s 40th Anniversary during a special reception on Saturday night. The evening—and this year—marked numerous milestones for the university, including the 10th year of Community Action Day and the 20th anniversary of our campus opening in Sint Maarten. It also represented a landmark professional year for six colleagues who surpassed 20 years of employment with AUC:

  • Patrick Graham – Maintenance Technician II
  • Ronnie Graneau – Maintenance Technician II
  • Lorna Hart – Housekeeper/Cleaner
  • Emmanuel “Africa” BazilGroundskeeper
  • Agnes Richards – Housekeeper/Cleaner
  • Neville “Top Secret” GreenawayMaintenance Supervisor

During her welcome remarks, Dr. Heidi Chumley, AUC Executive Dean, honored the veteran colleagues and presented each with a 20-Year Service Appreciation Award.

“These individuals have been with us since AUC’s doors first opened in Sint Maarten,” she said. “Each has played a significant role in building our campus and shaping our culture. I am extremely proud to recognize your accomplishments and grateful to acknowledge the profound impact that you have had on our AUC.”



Patrick Graham – Maintenance Technician II

Patrick has been a valuable part of AUC’s maintenance technician team for two decades. He has tirelessly dedicated himself to helping keep the university’s equipment and facilities running—a role and responsibility that grew considerably after Hurricane Irma. Patrick is humble and quiet but his work and work ethic speak volumes. To his colleagues, Patrick is as a team player, always willing to tag to assist with a problem.  


Ronnie Graneau – Maintenance Technician II

Ronnie was first introduced to AUC as a teenager when the school was located on the island of Montserrat. He was mentored by the university’s founder, Dr. Paul Tien, and brought over to Sint Maarten to help manage design projects for the new campus. In the years since, Ronnie has devoted his time and talents to maintaining and updating AUC’s facilities. Creative and artistic, Ronnie goes the extra mile to evolve AUC’s campus so that it can align with the needs of its students and community.


Lorna Hart – Housekeeper/Cleaner

Like Africa, Lorna was a part of the team that helped construct AUC back in 1996. Since then, she has been a permanent fixture on campus, taking immaculate care of AUC’s facilities while tending to the numerous issues that can arise on a large university campus. During her time with AUC, Lorna has received numerous Ron Taylor Awards for her work to inspire service, build teams, and exceed expectations. She has also taken on the voluntary role of mother figure for students struggling with homesickness, providing a calming and comforting presence.


Emmanuel “Africa” Bazil – Groundskeeper

Africa was a part of the construction team that broke ground on AUC in 1996. The university’s founder, Dr. Paul Tien, noticed his hard work and positive attitude and hired him to stay on and help manage the grounds. Since then, Africa has been pivotal in the design, care, and management of AUC’s campus and landscaping. He has planted nearly every tree, shrub, and flower on the university’s property and does so with a remarkable smile and positive attitude.


Agnes Richards – Housekeeper/Cleaner

Agnes, like Lorna, has been an integral part of the AUC housekeeping team. She has spent countless hours keeping the university’s facilities in pristine condition and making sure that its students and staff are taken care of. Agnes always takes the time to check on her coworkers, offering a simple but meaningful “good morning.” As one of her colleagues put it, “Agnes simply brightens my day. I feel better after she comes by to say hello and check on my office.”


Neville “Top Secret” Greenaway – Maintenance Supervisor

Neville supervised housekeeping and maintenance for AUC for many years. When he was first hired, Neville was adored by Dr. Tien, and given a lot of responsibility over key campus operations. He has worked tirelessly for the school—often staying late or coming in over holidays and weekends to ensure its facilities are in top shape for students. He is the epitome of a committed colleague and someone who takes great pride in his work. 


AUC congratulates these award recipients for their committed and dedicated service to the university.