Students Volunteer in Record Numbers at Community Health Screening

AUC celebrated one of the largest Project HELP events in campus history on Saturday, September 15. Project HELP is a special partnership between AUC and the Ministry of Health to host free medical screenings throughout St. Maarten. Dr. Golden Jackson, Assistant Dean for Service-Learning and Community Affairs, organized the weekend event, which was held at the Philipsburg Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Nearly 60 AUC students descended on the church to provide free health screenings to approximately 100 area residents. They tested participants' vision, glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels and assessed for conditions like hypertension and diabetes. It was a real-life application of AUC's ICM course and a valuable opportunity for students to practice their patient interview skills while promoting health and wellbeing.

Dr. Jackson called the event a huge success, noting how appreciative members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church were to have our support.

“It was moving to see students learn through their experiences,” said Dr. Jackson. “They were working with one another, giving undivided attention to their patients, and thoughtfully sharing relevant information to the attending physicians. It was a great day.”