Scholarship Awardees Recognized for Community Service

An important part of AUC’s mission is educating physicians with a lifelong commitment to public health and community service. We’re proud to recognize the students in our January 2018 class who received the Community Outreach Award for exceptional dedication to their communities, hospitals, or charities.

Jonathan Davidow

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Undergrad: The College of William & Mary

Joe Davidow in white medical coat

When Jonathan Davidow started college, his father—a physician who knew the burdens of the profession—said to him, “Don’t even think about medicine unless you can’t stop thinking about medicine.” And although Jonathan did harbor aspirations of becoming a doctor, he took his father’s advice to heart, and sought other opportunities to make a positive impact on his community. 

In the years after graduating, Jonathan co-founded three different organizations—including an environmental justice non-profit, a technology consultancy focusing on behavioral analytics and social impact business models, and a consumer feedback application that won the title of “Top Startup in Richmond” in 2012. He taught GED and high school equivalency skills to previously incarcerated individuals, and visited weekly with elderly, homebound residents to offer support and companionship. He studied in Tibetan medical clinics and volunteered at a refugee clinic while completing his post-bacc in Israel. Most recently, he worked for a population health consultancy to strategize and launch a robust diabetes prevention program.

Now, Jonathan has set his sights on medicine—with a multidisciplinary, nuanced perspective that’s come as result of his diverse professional and personal endeavors. 

“In retrospect, it is clear to me that every one of those experiences was, in one way or another, honing my drive toward working for human health, wellness, and the alleviation of suffering,” Jonathan says. “The United States and the world require, now more than ever, healthcare workers who are more than just well-trained scientists. We need people who can access the many causes of human disease and suffering and help to manage their interdisciplinary care.” 

Samantha Mueller

Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Undergrad: Alverno College 

Samantha Mueller, AUC scholarship winner

For Samantha Mueller, volunteering has always been part of her life. She grew up participating in fundraising events and volunteering with patients at local hospitals in the Milwaukee area. Most recently, Samantha became an advocate at a local senior assisted living residence, where she provided health education and led discussion groups around topics such as allergies, vaccines, slips, trips and falls. 

But perhaps most memorable are her efforts on behalf of the Ted Hendricks Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health, recreation and educational support for groups serving youth and seniors. Over the past 15 years, she has donated her time and skills to the Foundation’s annual charity events in a variety of capacities –from media liaison to auction organization, database tech, hospitality coordinator or wherever needed.

“In a single event, everyone who participates—newcomer, regular volunteer, or participant—shares a common bond: to do something that helps others,” Samantha says. “And that impact is often life-changing.”

She looks forward to continuing to advocate for others as a medical student and physician.

“I like to think of volunteering as the thread that weaves strength back into our communities,” Samantha says. “Volunteering brings hope to people who sometimes don't have any, encouragement to those who may not have much, a caring sense of community to all involved, and a way to demonstrate the importance of treating all human beings as we ourselves would like to be treated.”


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