Paddle Boating in Simpson Bay

When it's time for a study break, student Shalom Adams heads to nearby Simpson Bay Beach for a relaxing day on a paddle boat.

Written and photographed by Shalom Adams, 5th-semester student

After a long week of classes, I decided that I needed to do something relaxing during the weekend and headed out to Simpson Bay Beach. When I got to the beach, there was a booth that offered different water sports. They offered jet skiing, paddle boarding, and paddle boats. I decided to do the paddle boating, since it would be the most relaxing activity. The staff at the station were very friendly and gave us a great deal for the boat.

The employee then took us to the boat from the beach. They were very helpful with showing us how the boat works, and gave us great advice where to take it. We then took the boat far out from the beach, and went around the Simpson Bay area. Since it was a Sunday, we saw many jet skis and motor boats driving around.

The view of St. Maarten from the water was really beautiful. I was surrounded by the scenic view of mountains and beaches.

After paddling for a while, we decided to stop and jumped into the ocean. The ocean was really clear that day, and we were able to see some exotic fish that I’d never seen before. Another favorite part about my day on the boat was being in the middle of the ocean, far away from everything, and being able to truly relax. 

After an enjoyable hour of paddling, we headed back and returned the boat. Then we took some beach loungers, got some drinks and watched the sunset. It was really an awesome way to relax. It’s a great price, really worth it and they always give students a discount. So next time you have a few spare hours, come try the activities at Simpson Bay Beach.