Student Perspective: Recharging After Exams

Fourth-semester student Shalom Adams reflects on how going to the beach after an exam has become an AUC tradition to get some much-needed relaxation, and prepare for the semester ahead.

Back home, I get asked “What are your favorite things about living on St. Maarten?” a lot. One thing I always mention is going to the beach after an exam. There’s no better feeling than enjoying yourself under the sun by one of the clearest oceans you’ll ever see.

Students prepare for exams in many different ways, but for all of us it means exerting more energy than usual into studying and absorbing information. It’s a challenging and exhausting time for students. Going to the beach after an exam has become an AUC tradition to get some much-needed relaxation.

I feel very accomplished when surrounded by dozens of other students who are also enjoying their time at the beach. We all completed part of a common goal and get to celebrate together. Although, that feeling is usually in the back of my mind when I’m there since I’m enjoying the festivities.

Students come prepared with many different items for every activity one can do at the beach, whether it be sports, music, snorkeling or others. This allows everyone to be able to socialize more with one another, as opposed to being focused on one’s studies. The beach really allows for students to meet one another, make new friends and of course have a great time. 

After going to the beach for the past couple of semesters, it’s clear that not only is it rewarding, it also signifies a way for me to refresh myself, to be prepared for the new material that’s to come.