A US-Modeled Doctor of Medicine Program

AUC's curriculum blends rigorous classroom study, simulation exercises, and community service.

AUC medical program students studying in Anatomy LabAs a student at AUC, you will begin your journey to become a physician on our technologically advanced campus in St. Maarten, a collegial academic environment that emphasizes collaboration and community. Here, you’ll work closely with medical school faculty and peers to engage in concentrated study of the medical sciences over five semesters.

The goal of our curriculum is to help you become an adaptive expert with a mastery of medical concepts and the capacity to use this knowledge to guide diagnosis and treatment of patients. Therefore, AUC students gain clinical exposure early, and it increases each semester until it is the complete emphasis of the fifth semester.

AUC medical student using a stethoscopeDuring your time here, you’ll leverage advanced technology to enhance your medical school experience, such as our high-tech simulation center and anatomy lab.

US, UK Clinical Rotations

After completing the medical sciences portion of the curriculum, AUC students move on to years three and four in clinical rotations in the United States and/or the United Kingdom at AUC-affiliated teaching hospitals.

AUC medical students reviewing a scanner in clinical sciencesDuring this portion of the program, you’ll serve as a member of a team comprised of students, residents, and attending physicians. You’ll examine laboratory results, perform certain procedures, interact directly with patients to take medical histories and conduct  physicals, and more.

Students proceed to residency placement through the National Resident Matching Program after completing the clinical program.

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