Naira   Chobanyan MD, PhD, ScD

Professor, Clinical Medicine

Dr. Chobanyan received her MD degree with highest honors designation from Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia, her PhD in Oncology from Moscow Medical Academy, and her Doctor of Medical Sciences degree from All-Union Cancer Research Center from the Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow.The latter most degree was bestowed after completing pioneering research which identified hyperandrogenemia in young breast cancer patients under the age of 35. In addition to her research, she has more than 50 publications with many in the US National Library of Medicine.

She has more than 20 years of practice experience including surgical oncology, medical oncology, diagnostic and internal medicine in Europe. Dr. Chobanyan’s pursuit of excellence is also evident in receiving her ECFMG certification, and completion of a Fellowship in Clinical Oncology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

She served as Chairperson of State Medical Board in Diagnostic Medicine, Head of Faculty of Diagnostics at the National Institute of Health, Medical Director and Executive Director of the Diagnostic Medical Center in Armenia, Chair of Clinical Medicine at SABA University School of Medicine, and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at AUA. She received recognition as “Best Professor” and “Best Clinical Skills Lab Professor” awards from SABA Medical School and AUA.

Throughout her career, Dr. Chobanyan has continuously engaged in community outreach, which includes providing healthcare in rural and underserved communities in Armenia. While serving at AUA, she organized and presented community Health Fairs and Annual Breast Cancer Screening, which grew in popularity and served more than 400 local residents annually. The Lion’s Club and Breast Friends organizations of Antigua gave recognition of her partnership and dedication to serving the local community. She continues to serve as Chief Medical Advisor to organizations in Europe and the United States.