Stephen   Ash MD

Associate Clinical Dean, United Kingdom

Dr. Stephen Ash earned his medical degree in medicine and surgery from London University’s Medical University. He also received a First Class Degree in neurosciences. Since 1995, Dr. Ash has been the site director for AUC at Ealing Hospital and in 2012 was appointed Clinical Dean for the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining AUC, Dr. Ash worked with the London Deanery of Postgraduate Medical Education, and held an attending position at Ealing Hospital and Imperial College, University of London. He has also specialized in infectious diseases and internal medicine. Dr. Ash has conducted research regarding metabolic changes in sepsis at University of London. In addition to medical education, Dr. Ash is especially interested in the areas of HIV & AIDS, tuberculosis, chronic viral hepatitis, skin and soft tissue infections, ultrasonography and tissue elastography.

Dr. Ash is currently a professor of infectious diseases at University of Buckingham, Examiner for the Royal College of Physicians, and Elected Council Member of the Royal College of Physicians.