Howard   Schubiner MD

Clinical Chair, Internal Medicine

Dr. Howard Schubiner is board certified in pediatrics and internal medicine and is the director of the Mind Body Medicine Center at Providence Hospital in Southfield, MI. He is also a Clinical Professor at Michigan State University School of Medicine. He has authored more than sixty publications in scientific journals and books and has given more than 250 lectures to scientific audiences regionally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Schubiner has consulted for the American Medical Association, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the National Institute on Mental Health. He is also a senior teacher of mindfulness meditation. He is currently conducting NIH-sponsored research on fibromyalgia.  His book, Unlearn Your Pain, contains a comprehensive guide to healing mind body disorders. Dr. Schubiner published Unlearn Your Anxiety and Depression in 2014.  As an educator, Dr. Schubiner focuses on teaching critical appraisal of the literature to medical students and residents. He has been included on the list of the Best Doctors in America since 2003. Dr. Schubiner lives in the Detroit area with his wife of thirty-four years and has two adult children.