Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP)

Getting you ready for medical school.

image of MERP studentsThe Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP) is a 15-week medical school preparatory program offered to students who have been granted conditional acceptance to AUC. It's designed to provide students with additional academic preparation to foster medical school success. Although MERP is a separate program from AUC, for AUC applicants who are referred to MERP, we view it as your first step in the AUC journey. 

How Could MERP Benefit You?

MERP is designed to prepare students to succeed at AUC by:

  • Helping students build a strong foundation of medical sciences

  • Helping students adjust to the demands of medical school and develop the study and learning techniques critical to succeeding at AUC

  • Providing students with an opportunity to build strong social networks among fellow students that contribute to their success at AUC

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Is MERP Worth It?

A Student Perspective

Alejandro Feria, a MERP completer and current AUC student, describes his experience at MERP and discusses how it prepared him for the rigors of medical school.

No-Risk Program Fee Policy for MERP

MERP has a special no-risk fee policy that allows students who do not successfully complete the program to receive a refund of the full program fee.* This policy applies to all MERP students who do not achieve passing grades, regardless of whether they complete the program or withdraw early.

Important MERP Details for AUC Applicants

  • The MERP program is held in two locations. Miramar, Florida is just a few miles outside Miami and convenient to airports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. MERP students in Canada can attend the program in Toronto -- classes are held at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
  • Three sessions are held each year, commencing in April, August, and December, to allow students who successfully complete the program to matriculate into the next entering class at AUC.
  • Students cannot apply directly to MERP. Students must be granted conditional acceptance to AUCand be referred to MERP in order to participate in the program.

Enrollment in MERP

Students applying to AUC will have their files reviewed by the school's Admissions Committee as part of the application process. The Admissions Committeemay grant an applicant conditional acceptance to the university, contingent upon the student's successful completion of MERP, if the Admissions Committee believes that an applicant might benefit from strengthening his or her foundation in the medical sciences before starting as a first-semester AUC medical student.

2018 MERP Session Dates

  • April 2018 Program: April 9, 2018 to July 19, 2018
  • August 2018 Program: August 6, 2018 to November 15, 2018
  • December 2018 Program: December 3, 2018 to March 28, 2019
  • April 2019 Program: April 15, 2019 to July 25, 2019
  • August 2019 Program: August 5, 2019 to November 14, 2019

Comments on MERP from AUC Students

Check out testimonials from past MERP students below.

  • Mohit Ajmeri (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

    "To be honest, when I got accepted to MERP, I was fairly disappointed, knowing I would have to jump through an extra hoop just to get my acceptance into AUC. However, after starting the program in Toronto, it really gave me a glimpse into the workload that medical school was going to throw at me. Being close to home while attending MERP allowed me to get used to the workload so by the time I moved to St. Maarten, I was doing well in school and I only had the “island life” to get used to. In addition, MERP gave me a boost with several courses because I had already seen some of the information before, so nothing was foreign to me."

  • Esther Bell (Miami, Florida)

    "MERP was a challenging program that gave me a head start on the material we would be exposed to at AUC. Mostly, MERP helped me discover the best study style for me and allowed me to prepare myself mentally for the Medical Sciences curriculum. Having been exposed to material before my classes also allowed me to have the freedom to be more involved in extracurricular activities. Because of the time management skills I gained in MERP, I was able to be Student Government President during my third and fourth semesters as well as have leadership roles in various other student organizations.  I always say that being “MERP-ed” is the best thing that ever happened to me, because it gave me exposure to material and allowed me to fulfill my goal of being inducted in the Honor and Service Society during my fifth semester."

  • Ramandeep Kahlon (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

    "When I was first accepted to the MERP program, I wasn’t overly excited, as it was another obstacle I needed to overcome to begin medical school. However, after going through MERP and now a couple of semesters at AUC, I can honestly say it was a blessing in disguise. The rigors of MERP definitely prepare you for what’s ahead and provide a solid foundation you can build on. MERP also gives you the opportunity to figure out study habits and what works for you before you get to medical school."

  • Shannon Stegall

    "The MERP route is something that we, as students, think should be more of a standard as opposed to the exception to the rule. It’s a great way to build up your foundation so when you get into medical school, it’s not the fire-hose effect with all the information. MERP is the way to go."

* Students who have taken out a private loan will have their tuition refunded back to the loan provider.