Medical School with a Family

Relocating a family presents its own challenge when attending medical school. Get advice ahead of your move and support on adjusting to life on the island.

image of a father pushing his child on a swing

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine welcomes students with families to the island of St. Maarten. The Spouses Organization (SO) serves as our foremost resource for families at AUC.

AUC Spouses Organization

We realize that relocating your family and/or partner to St. Maarten is a significant move. The AUC Spouses Organization is there to help you, and who ever you plan to bring with you, transition during this exciting time.
While you are a Caribbean medical school student and focus on your medical education, you will be comforted with the knowledge that families at AUC are in good hands. The AUC Spouses Organization is there to foster fellowship and community involvement for your loved ones while they are on the island (and you are in the classroom).
You are encouraged to contact the AUC Spouses Organization Sponsor Program in advance of your move to St. Maarten to find out how they may help you and your family. For further information on the Spouse’s Organization, please visit their website, find them on Facebook, or contact them at

image of a playgroundSchools for Families at AUC

If you are planning to attend AUC with school-aged children, please feel free to contact the SO before you arrive on the island to discuss the educational options available to your family.