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    Congrats to the 200+ AUC students who matched into residencies this year! Check out the full list.

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  • Balhoff recently matched

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    This year, AUC graduates matched to a wide variety of residency programs. Brent Balhoff is just one example.

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  • Tasha Chase

    Going Out & Shaping the World

    Tasha Chase embarked on two-week journey that solidified her passion for the study and practice of medicine.

    This is her story.
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Brittany Mott just matched

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Along with many other AUC students, Brittany Mott just matched! Find out where.
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Celebrating Success

Residency and Beyond

Get an at-a-glance look at where our graduates are beginning residency training and see what they have to say. 
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Dean Chumley

Dean Chumley Talks Residency

Is there really a residency cliff and should students be worried?  Get the Answers

3 Med School Start Dates

When Should I Start?

Find out how starting at AUC in May or January can optimize your medical education experience.
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Global health education at AUC

Global Health at AUC

Dean Chumley discusses how the concept of global health is seamlessly woven into the AUC experience.
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