auc-students-human-side-medicine-healers-art-web.jpgThis fall, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) offered the Healer’s Art medical humanism elective, a unique course taught at over 80 medical schools in the United States and around the world.  Students and faculty talked together about meaning and service, sharing loss, finding healing, strengthening personal commitment and uncovering the spiritual dimensions of the practice of medicine.

The human side of medicine

In essence, it explores the human side of medicine, as opposed to the scientific side.

Fourteen students (see photo)  completed the pilot course.  They’re pictured with the children from AUC’s Hope Mentoring project, who made “feelie hearts” for the Healer’s Art students. The "feelie hearts" are a symbolic object meant to bring the students comfort in times of stress and to remind them to hold their own hearts and the hearts of others tenderly.

Curious what our students thought?

Here are some sound bites from students who took the elective:

  • "It was worth every minute! It’s these types of courses that make you remember why you want to be a physician."

  • "It was more than any of us expected!"

  • "Is there a sequel? I think [this course] makes each person reflect on the importance of medicine and their direct role in it. Medicine goes beyond the science and the skill and includes the art of healing!"

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